How Lincoln Riley’s Brother, Garrett is Following in his Football Footsteps

Lincoln Riley’s Brother

An image of Lincoln Riley
An image of Lincoln Riley/PHOTO: Facebook

Lincoln Riley is a renowned college football coach known for leading the USC Trojans and mentoring multiple Heisman Trophy winners.

His impressive coaching career includes a record-breaking tenure at the University of Oklahoma, where he won four consecutive Big 12 Championships.

This article will shed light on Lincoln’s brother, Garrett Riley, and his significant role as a successful offensive coordinator in football.

Who is Garrett Riley?

An image of Garret Riley
An image of Garret Riley, Lincoln Riley’s brother/PHOTO: Facebook

Meet Garrett Riley.

Garrett, the younger brother of USC head coach Lincoln Riley, serves as the offensive coordinator at Clemson University.

Namely, growing up, the two were big fans of football, and they played football together frequently.

Also, the two always discussed the latest trends and strategies of the game until late at night.

Garrett’s Coaching Career

Garrett’s coaching path is also impressive.

He started his career as a coach and quarterbacks coach/passing game assistant for the Roosevelt High School in Lubbock, Texas.

Garrett has since worked at Augustana College, East Carolina, Kansas, Appalachian State, SMU, and TCU.

Throughout his career, Garrett’s offences achieved major success, and he received acclaim for his innovative and offensive tactics.

Lincoln Riley's Brother

Brotherly Bond

Although Lincoln has never formally worked with Garrett Riley, they have a close working relationship based on mutual support and encouragement.

They frequently share professional insights and inspiring novelties and emphasize exciting professional calling.

Even in college football, where there is always a rivalry, the Riley brothers respect each other and maintain strong and warm relations.


The Riley brothers have carved their own paths in the world of college football.

Lincoln has excelled as a head coach and Garrett has risen through the ranks as an offensive coordinator.

Their shared passion for the game and supportive bond makes them a force to be reckoned with.

It will be exciting to see what the future holds for both of them as they continue to shape the landscape of college football.


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