How Many Siblings Does Janine Gutierrez’s Father, Ramon Christopher, Have?

How Many Siblings Does Janine Gutierrez’s Father, Ramon Christopher, Have?

Roman Christopher Siblings
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Ramon Christopher, known for his role in “Talahib at Rosas” (1994), is the son of actor Eddie Gutierrez and song star Pilita Corrales. He is the half-brother of Ruffa, Tonton, Richard, and Raymond.

The question is: how many brothers does Monching, whose real name is Ramon Christopher, have?

In this piece, let’s delve into Ramon Christopher’s family, including Jackie Lou Blanco and his half-brothers and sister.

The Gutierrez Family Tree

Ramon Christopher’s parents

Eddie Gutierrez and Pilita Corrales are central to the Gutierrez family’s fame.

Eddie, a popular actor, won many fans with his charm and good looks in films.

On the other hand, Pilita Corrales, a beloved singer, was impressed with her beautiful voice across different music styles.

Together, they were a famous couple whose influence shaped their children’s careers.

Roman Christopher: The Gutierrez Family Tree
Roman Christopher:: The Gutierrez Family Tree


The Siblings

Jackie Lou Blanco and Ramon Christopher’s half-brothers, including Ruffa, Rocky, Elvis, Richard, Raymond, and Ritchie Paul, have each pursued their paths, showcasing their distinct talents.

Jackie Lou Blanco

Being the daughter of Pilita Corrales, she is a well-known Filipino actress and aerobic instructor who was born on February 11, 1964.

In the 1980s and 1990s, she appeared  in several movies, including:

  1. “Si Aida, Si Lorna, or Si Fe”
  2. “Hihintayin Kita sa Langit.”

Jackie also co-hosted “Student Canteen” on GMA Network and appeared regularly on “GMA Supershow.”

She is Ramon Christopher Gutierrez’s half-sister and was once married to actor Ricky Davao; they have three children and separated in 2023.

Ruffa Gutierrez

Born on June 24, 1974, Ruffa transitioned seamlessly from beauty pageants to the silver screen.

Her reign as Miss World 1993 catapulted her into the limelight. Ruffa’s acting prowess, combined with her stunning beauty, made her a sought-after actress.

She graced numerous films and television shows, leaving an indelible mark on Philippine showbiz.

Rocky Gutierrez

Born in 1987, Rocky, the half-brother of Roman Christopher, possesses an understated intensity.

His acting career has been marked by versatility.

Whether portraying complex characters or delivering comedic lines, Rocky’s performances resonate.

He has worked alongside his father and siblings, earning critical acclaim for his range and dedication to his craft.

Elvis Gutierrez

Ramon Christopher’s half-brother Elvis, the charming heartthrob, was born in the same year as Rocky. His striking features and undeniable talent caught the industry’s attention.

As an actor and model, he effortlessly connects with audiences. Elvis’s commitment to his roles and his ability to evoke emotions have solidified his place in the hearts of fans.

Richard Gutierrez

Born on January 21, 1984, Richard is the action star of the family.

His intense performances, rugged charm, and daredevil stunts have made him a favorite among action enthusiasts.

From the fantasy series “Mulawin” to the vampire saga “La Luna Sangre,” Richard’s career continues to soar.

Ramon Christopher’s half-brother, Raymond Gutierrez

Richard’s twin brother, Raymond, took a different path. Born on the same day, Raymond is a multifaceted talent.

His hosting skills have been praised, and he effortlessly engages viewers.

As an editor and creative force, he has collaborated with Esquire Magazine Philippines and Magnum Ice Cream. Raymond’s versatility knows no bounds.

Ritchie Paul Gutierrez

Ramon Christopherr’s brother, Paul, born in 1987, is the basketball player in the family.

His passion for sports and dedication to his craft earned him a spot in the PBA draft.

His commitment to excellence mirrors the family’s legacy beyond the entertainment world.


The Next Generation

The influence of  Ramon Christopher’s siblings extends beyond their immediate social circle.

Ramon Christopher’s half-sister Ruffa’s daughters, Aria and Ezra, have inherited their father’s passion for photography.

These cute models may be found on the pages of Shoplaya by Alexa Uichico-Gutierrez, a firm that sells infant clothes.

The legacy lives on even when the next generation assumes the foreground.

Fun Facts About Ramon Christopher’s Siblings

  1. Ruffa Gutierrez is not just an actress but was also Miss World 1993 Second Runner-Up, showing off her beauty and charm on a global stage.
  2. Richard Gutierrez is known for his adventurous side, hosting a travel and adventure show called “Pinoy Adventures,” where he explores the beauty of the Philippines.
  3. Raymond Gutierrez made a significant lifestyle change and shared his fitness journey publicly, inspiring many with his transformation.
  4. Elvis Gutierrez prefers to keep a lower profile compared to his siblings but has made appearances in various TV shows, showcasing his acting skills.
  5. Rocky Gutierrez has also dabbled in acting but like his brother Elvis, he opts for a more private life away from the constant spotlight.
  6. Ritchie Paul Gutierrez pursued sports, particularly basketball, demonstrating the family’s diverse range of talents beyond show business.

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