Hyunjin siblings Connection: Fact or Fan Fiction? Unveiling the Truth Behind the Hwang Siblings Myth

Hyunjin Siblings-The Truth Behind the “Hwang Siblings” Phenomenon

An image of Hyunjin
Hyunjin has no biological siblings, but he has a supportive friend and labelmate in Yeji. This article explores their history, their interactions, their fan culture, and how to be a respectful and responsible fan/PHOTO: Instagram

Hyunjin is a member of the popular K-pop boy group Stray Kids, under JYP Entertainment.

He is known for his handsome visuals, charismatic rap, and powerful dance skills.

He has gained a lot of attention and fans for his talent and personality, both in Korea and internationally.

However, many people who are curious about Hyunjin may have searched for the term “Hyunjin siblings” online, hoping to find out more about his family and background.

This term may have led them to some surprising and confusing results, involving another famous idol from the same agency: Yeji from ITZY.

The purpose of this article is to clarify the truth about Hyunjin’s actual siblings and address the “Hwang siblings” phenomenon that has been circulating online.

Hyunjin’s Family

The first thing to know is that Hyunjin has no biological siblings.

He is an only child, according to official information and interviews.

He has never mentioned having any brothers or sisters, and there are no photos or evidence of them.

However, we do know some details about his family background, such as his hometown and his parents’ professions.

Hyunjin was born in Seoul, South Korea, on March 20, 2000.

He lived in Las Vegas, USA, for a short while when he was 6-7 years old, where he went to kindergarten and used the name Sam.

He returned to Korea and attended SOPA (School of Performing Arts) in Seoul, where he studied Practical Dance and graduated in 2019.

Hyunjin’s parents are both working professionals.

His father is a lawyer and his mother is a former flight attendant.

Hyunjin has said that he looks like his mother but with his father’s nose.

He has also said that his parents are very supportive of his career and that he is grateful for their love and encouragement.

The “Hwang Siblings” Myth

Hyunjin and Yeji are not siblings, despite sharing the same surname Hwang.

This is a common misconception that arose due to their similar last name and their affiliation with JYP Entertainment.

An image of Hyunjin and Yeji
Hyunjin and Yeji/PHOTO: Instagram

The “Hwang siblings” myth started when some netizens noticed that Hyunjin and Yeji have the same family name, which is not very common in Korea.

They speculated that they might be related, either as siblings or cousins.

This speculation spread through online forums and social media, especially among international fans who may not be familiar with Korean naming culture.

However, both idols have clarified that they are not related in any way, in interviews and on social media.

Hyunjin has said that he and Yeji are just friends and labelmates and that they are not even from the same hometown.

Yeji has also said that she and Hyunjin are not siblings and that she is an only child as well.

Hyunjin and Yeji’s Bond

Hyunjin and Yeji have a positive professional and personal connection, even though they are not siblings.

They have a lot in common, such as their age, their talent, and their JYP Entertainment trainee background.

Hyunjin and Yeji were both born in 2000.

They are both talented idols who can rap, sing, and dance.

Hyunjin and Yeji are both members of popular K-pop groups under JYP Entertainment: Stray Kids and ITZY.

They are both part of the “Big 3” agencies, which are known for their high standards and quality.

Hyunjin and Yeji also have a shared history as JYP Entertainment trainees.

They both joined the company in 2015 and trained for about 2 years before debuting.

They may have formed some friendships and bonds during their trainee days, as they had to endure the same hardships and challenges.


In conclusion, Hyunjin has no biological siblings, but he shares a supportive professional and personal connection with Yeji.

They are both talented and popular idols who have a lot in common, such as their surname, age, and JYP Entertainment background.

They are not related in any way, but they have a friendly and respectful relationship.


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