Illumi Zoldyck: The Eldest Zoldyck Sibling

Illumi Zoldyck is the eldest child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck and a professional assassin in the world of Hunter x Hunter.

His upbringing in the Zoldyck family ensured he was trained from a young age in the art of assassination.

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Illumi (right) and young Kilua
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Illumi’s role in the series is significant, as he played a part in several key arcs, including the Hunter Exam arc, where he disguised himself as Gittarackur, and later the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, where he became a central antagonist.

Illumi Disguise and Entrance to the Hunter Exam

Illumi’s first major appearance came during the 287th Hunter Exam, where he used the guise of Gittarackur to mask his true identity.

By reconstructing his facial structure with large head pins, he was able to maintain anonymity while closely monitoring his younger brother, Killua, who also participated in the exam.

Illumi’s disguise was so effective that he managed to deceive many examiners and fellow participants. His appearance in this arc highlighted his manipulative and cunning nature.

Illumi Manipulative Relationship with Killua

Despite his stoic and expressionless demeanor, Illumi’s interactions with Killua revealed a darker side of his personality.

He implanted a needle in Killua’s brain to control his younger brother’s behavior, ensuring he would flee from battles he wasn’t confident he could win.

This manipulation demonstrated Illumi’s overprotective yet sinister love for his brother, willing to go to extreme lengths to maintain control.

Illumi Joining the Phantom Troupe

After the failed Hunter Exam, Illumi joined the Phantom Troupe at the request of Hisoka, filling the spot left by Uvogin.

As the 11th member of the Troupe, Illumi demonstrated his willingness to work with notorious criminals to further his own interests.

His relationship with Hisoka was described as “give-and-take,” illustrating the pragmatic approach Illumi took to achieving his goals.

Despite this alliance, Illumi maintained a certain level of ruthlessness, even threatening Hisoka when the latter suggested harming Killua.

The 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc and the Alluka Crisis

Illumi played a significant role in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, where his ambition to control Alluka’s wish-granting ability led him down a dark path.

He sought to manipulate Killua and the Zoldyck family to gain control of this power, showing his willingness to use extreme measures to achieve his objectives.

His involvement in this arc demonstrated his strategic intelligence and ability to manipulate others to get what he wanted.

Illumi’s actions created tension within the Zoldyck family, forcing Killua to take a stand against him to protect Alluka from harm.

Overall, Illumi Zoldyck’s character reflects a complex blend of stoic calmness, ruthless ambition, and strategic manipulation.

His influence over his family and relationships with others in the series make him a compelling antagonist, demonstrating that the greatest threats often come from within one’s own family.


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