In the Shadows of Success: Martha Stewart Siblings Revealed


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Martha Stewart is famous for her long and impressive career in media and business. Learn about her interesting family with six siblings in this exploration.

Growing up in a big family, she got important skills and a strong work ethic from her parents, who were teachers. This family background also fueled her deep love for nature.

Besides her work achievements, her success is closely connected to her personal life story.

Discover the layers of Martha Stewart’s life beyond her career by understanding her siblings‘ influences and the values she gained from them.

Embark on this journey to unravel the layers of Martha Stewart’s sibling’s background, discovering the influences that have shaped your multifaceted life.

Martha Stewart’s Background and Childhood

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Martha Helen Kostyra, born in 1941, was raised in Jersey City by Polish immigrant parents, Edward and Martha Ruszkowski Kostyra.

Growing up in a sizable family with five siblings, she acquired essential skills and a strong work ethic from her parents, who were both teachers, fostering her passion for nature.

Meet Martha Stewart’s Siblings

Martha Stewart’s Siblings include:

  1. George Christiansen
  2. Kathryn Evans
  3. Eric Scott Kostyra
  4. Laura Plimpton
  5. Frank Kostyra.

Each sibling has pursued diverse paths, contributing to Martha’s life in unique ways.

George Christiansen

George Christiansen, Martha Stewart’s older brother, works as a contractor, and his wife, Rita, manages Stewart’s Westport office.

He has made sporadic appearances on Martha’s TV shows, offering assistance with home improvement projects.

Kathryn Evans

She is a teacher in Old Greenwich, Connecticut.

Kathryn Evans is the eldest sister of Martha.

She has also been a guest on Martha’s shows, sharing her recipes and crafts.

Kathryn is married to Tom Evans, and they have three children.

Eric Scott Kostyra

Scott is the second brother of Martha Stewart.

He is a dentist in Buffalo, New York.

Scott has not been very involved in Martha’s media ventures, but he has supported her through her legal troubles and prison sentence.

Laura Plimpton


NOTE: She died in 2014

Martha’s youngest sister is Laura. She worked for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for more than 25 years as an editor, researcher, writer, and photographer.

She was very close to Martha, and she often helped her with her blog and social media.

Laura died in 2014, at the age of 59, after suffering a brain aneurysm.

Frank Kostyra

He is the youngest of Martha Stewart‘s siblings, residing in Florida as a retired engineer.

The estrangement between him and Martha has persisted for years, stemming from a disagreement and a rumor alleging he sold a story about her to the press.

Denying the accusation, he has openly expressed his desire to mend the relationship with his sister.


Complex Sibling Relationships

Martha Stewart openly recognizes a blend of competition and affection within her sibling relationships.

While acknowledging instances of rivalry, especially with George and Frank, she emphasizes a stronger bond with her younger siblings.

Despite disparities, Martha appreciates and attributes inspiration, career assistance, and overall influence to her siblings.

Celebrating Family Bonds

Martha frequently features her siblings in shows, events, and celebrations, highlighting both collective accomplishments and personal milestones.

The memory of her sister, Laura, who passed away, is honored, emphasizing the lasting influence of family in Martha Stewart’s life.


Martha Stewart’s achievements transcend the business realm, deriving from the intricate yet meaningful connections with her six siblings.

Their varied personalities and professions have played a substantial role in shaping Martha into the influential figure she has become today.

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