Inside the Life of Jimi Hendrix’s Half-Sister: Jane Hendrix

Jane Hendrix, the stepsister of the famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix, has played a crucial role in keeping his music alive.

After their father passed away in 2002, Jane took charge, facing challenges to protect Jimi’s music from being used or changed without permission.

This journey included dealing with legal issues, arguments over rights, and creating Experience Hendrix to make sure only authentic releases happen after Jimi’s death.

Despite family disagreements and legal problems, Jane continues to lead efforts to bring Jimi‘s amazing talent to new generations.

This includes releasing improved versions of his albums, creating documentaries, and organizing educational programs.

Her strong commitment ensures that Jimi’s magic remains a source of inspiration, keeping his legend alive for years to come

An image of Jane Hendrix
Jane Hendrix. PHOTO: Facebook

Jane Hendrix: Speaks of her brother’s untimely death

Jimi Hendrix’s sister, Janie, talked from Seattle about her brother’s plans for new music before he passed away.

He wanted to move beyond the music that made him famous and add horns and percussion to his style.

He even hoped to work with the band Chicago.

Janie shared these details and more in an interview.

To celebrate Jimi’s 80th birthday, Janie co-wrote a beautiful coffee table book.

It has lots of pictures, lyrics, posters, and messages from famous people like Paul McCartney and Keith Richards.

She especially loves the doodles from Jimi’s journals, showing his early dream of being an artist.

Jimi Hendrix, known for his unique style and stage performances, was a symbol of the late 1960s counterculture.

He did things like set his guitar on fire to get people’s attention and make them more aware. However, fame brought challenges.

Jimi got frustrated with people expecting big shows and not seeing him beyond a rock musician.

His personal and business life became complicated too, with tense moments and a bad recording contract.

Janie, who is now the CEO of Experience Hendrix, shared that there are unreleased songs coming out, like a live album recorded in 1969.

But legal problems about Jimi’s estate are still going on.

Jimi Hendrix passed away in 1970, and there are many rumors about how he died. Janie talks about the mysteries and hopes to find out more about Jimi’s last 24 hours.

Despite all this, she wants to focus on celebrating Jimi’s life instead of dwelling on his death.

She believes Jimi’s inspiration continues for many young artists.

The new book is a way to honor Jimi’s vibrant legacy, just like his famous guitar, which still shines brightly.

Is Janie Hendrix related to Jimi Hendrix?

Yes, Janie Hendrix is related to Jimi Hendrix. She is his half-sister.

In the provided text, she is referred to as “his sister,” indicating their familial relationship.

His sister, Janie Hendrix, thinks that her big brother would have moved beyond the blues-based psychedelic rock that made him famous as part of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Before he died, Hendrix told their father, Al, about a “new kind of music” he was working on, Janie explains over Zoom from Seattle.

How many siblings did Jimmy Hendrix have?

He had five siblings. Namely: Leon and Jane as elder siblings.

Jimi Hendrix had three younger siblings: Joseph, born in 1949; Kathy, in 1950; and Pamela, in 1951.

All of them were given up for foster care and adoption by Jimi’s parents, Al and Lucille.


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