Ivan Milat siblings:The Seeds of Darkness

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Ivan Milat, known as the ‘backpacker murderer’, has cast a long shadow over Australia’s criminal history.

But the Milat narrative extends beyond Ivan to include his siblings, who have been subjects of public scrutiny and speculation.

This article delves into the lives of Ivan Milat’s siblings, exploring the latest information and the chilling legacy they carry.

Richard Milat

Ivan’s older brother, Richard, has vehemently denied any involvement in the murders.

He has spoken out against his brother’s crimes and expressed his condolences to the victims’ families.

Richard has lived a private life, attempting to distance himself from the horrific legacy.

Olga Milat

Olga, born in 1939, faced her share of tragedies.

Married to Henry Shipsey, she endured the loss of her husband to suicide after financial ruin.

Despite the family’s dark reputation, Olga changed her name to Diane Shipsey post-Ivan’s arrest.

She has maintained a semblance of normalcy, distancing herself from the infamy of her brother.

Alex Milat

Alex Milat, born in 1940, is an avid firearms collector and enthusiast.

His interests have often been viewed through the lens of his brother’s violent proclivities, casting a shadow of suspicion over his hobbies.

Boris Milat

Boris Milat has been vocal about his brother’s guilt, denouncing Ivan as ‘nothing but evil’.

His candidness has estranged him from the rest of the Milat family, who have largely maintained Ivan’s innocence.

Walter Milat

Another of Ivan’s brothers, Walter Milat, also maintains his innocence.

While his name surfaced during the investigation due to weapons and stolen items found on his property he was never charged.

Walter, like Richard, has chosen a life of privacy.


What is the public perception of Ivan Milat’s siblings?

Public perception varies, with some people feeling sympathy for the siblings due to the negative attention they’ve received, while others view them with suspicion.

How has the Milat family been affected by Ivan’s crimes?

The Milat family has faced public scrutiny and media attention due to Ivan’s crimes, affecting their personal lives and relationships.

Did any of Ivan Milat’s siblings testify against him?

Yes, Boris Milat spoke out against Ivan and provided insights into their family life, but he did not testify in court.




The story of Ivan Milat’s siblings is a complex one, woven with threads of tragedy, resilience, and the enduring human desire to build a life beyond the shadow of darkness.

While the crimes remain horrific, judging the entire family for the actions of one individual creates a dangerous narrative.

The Milat siblings deserve recognition for their attempts to carve their own paths, separate from the infamy of their brother.

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