James Franco Siblings: Meet His Two Brothers

In this article we are going to talk about James Franco’s Siblings, Hollywood knows the Franco name. We’ve seen James Franco charm us in everything from stoner comedies to Oscar-nominated dramas.

But what about the rest of the Franco clan? Turns out, there’s more to this family than meets the eye.

Today, we’re diving into the lives of James Franco’s siblings, two talented brothers who are carving their unique paths in the spotlight.

Get ready for a surprise: the Franco family tree is more fascinating than you ever imagined.

an image of james franko siblings
Today, we’re diving into the lives of James Franco’s siblings, two talented brothers who are carving their unique paths in the spotlight. photo courtesy Instagram.

Dave Franco

Dave Franco, the younger sibling in the Franco dynasty dominated by his multi-talented brother James, has proven himself to be a force in Hollywood.

While he may not carry the same immediate recognition as his elder kin, Dave has forged a thriving and varied career, leaving his mark as an actor, director, writer, and entrepreneur.

Originating from modest beginnings, Dave embarked on his acting journey with modest roles in television series like “7th Heaven” and films such as “Superbad.”

However, his breakthrough arrived in 2012 when he delivered a scene-stealing performance as Eric Molson in the buddy cop comedy “21 Jump Street.”

His comedic prowess and on-screen chemistry with Jonah Hill catapulted him into high demand within the industry.

After this success, Dave continued to diversify his portfolio with roles in hit films like “Now You See Me,” “Neighbors,” and “The Disaster Artist,” showcasing his adeptness in both comedic and dramatic genres. In 2020, he ventured into directing, earning critical acclaim for the horror thriller “The Rental,” a project he co-wrote with Joe Swanberg.

an image of Dave Franko
Dave Franco, the younger sibling in the Franco, Photo courtesy Instagram source of information.

Tom Franco

Meet Tom Franco, the often-overlooked middle brother of the Franco family—an enigma wrapped in a canvas, painted with an eccentric brush.

While James captivates audiences and Dave conquers comedy, Tom quietly navigates a diverse tapestry of artistic endeavors that defy easy categorization.

An image of Tom Franko
Meet Tom Franco, the often-overlooked middle brother of the Franco

Early life and education

Franco was born in Palo Alto, California. His mother, Betsy Lou (née Verne), is a writer and occasional actress.

His father, Douglas Eugene Franco (died 2011), ran a Silicon Valley business, and was a “philanthropic entrepreneur”. Franco’s father was of Portuguese (Madeiran) and Swedish descent.

Franco’s mother is from a family of Russian Jewish ancestry; her parents had changed the surname from “Verovitz” to “Verne.”

Tom is the middle child of three brothers; the older is actor, director, writer, and artist James Franco and the younger is actor and director Dave Franco. They were raised in Palo Alto.

Franco is a graduate of Palo Alto High School, class of 1998.

He graduated in 2002 from the University of California, Santa Cruz majoring in fine art, then attended California College of the Arts in Oakland, California, majoring in ceramics.


It’s interesting to note his early involvement in acting, starting with Basket Case 2 in 1990, and his subsequent roles in films like A Peace of History (2005),

The Devil Wears a Toupee (2007), and a small role in The Disaster Artist (2017), where his brothers played lead roles.

Additionally, his role as the founder and co-director of Berkeley’s Firehouse Art Collective demonstrates his commitment to the arts.

Notably, he shared the directorship with his late wife, Julia Lazar Franco, and their collaboration in the artistic community.


The description of the Franco family as a “tapestry woven with talent, ambition, and a touch of artistic madness” paints a vivid picture of the unique and dynamic nature of their collective creativity.

Indeed, James, Dave, and Tom Franco have carved out distinctive paths in the realms of acting, comedy, visual arts, and more.

Their passion for creativity and their dedication to pushing boundaries underscore their commitment to their crafts.

It’s always fascinating to see how each member of a talented family contributes their thread to the rich tapestry of artistic expression.


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