Jamie Lee Curtis: A Sweet Bond with Siblings

Jamie Lee Curtis, an acclaimed American actress, producer, and author, is known not only for her remarkable career but also for her notable family lineage.

Born to actors Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, Jamie Lee Curtis has one older sister and four half-siblings.

This article delves into the lives of each of these siblings, providing a comprehensive profile of Jamie Lee Curtis’s family.

Kelly Curtis

Ann lmage of Kelly Curtis
Kelly Curtis

Kelly Curtis, born in 1956, is Jamie Lee Curtis’s older sister.

Like Jamie, Kelly chose a career in acting.

Despite being less known than her younger sister, Kelly has made her mark in the film industry.

Allegra Curtis

An lmage of Allegra Curtis
Allegra Curtis

Allegra Curtis, born in 1966, is a half-sister to Jamie Lee Curtis.

She is the daughter of Tony Curtis and his second wife, Christine Kaufmann.

Allegra followed in the footsteps of her family and pursued a career in acting.

Alexandra Curtis

An lmage of Alexandra Curtis
Alexandra Curtis

Alexandra Curtis is another half-bling of Jamie Lee Curtis

.She is also a daughter of Tony Curtis and Christine Kaufmann.

Unlike her sisters, Alexandra has maintained a low profile and has stayed away from the limelight.

Benjamin Curtis

an lmage of Benjamin Curtis
Benjamin Curtis

Benjamin Curtis is one of Jamie Lee Curtis’s half-brothers. He is the son of Tony Curtis and his third wife, Leslie Allen.

Benjamin has kept a private life, away from the public eye.

Nicholas Curtis

Nicholas Curtis, born in 1970, was another half-brother of Jamie Lee Curtis. Tragically, Nicholas passed away at the age of 23 due to a heroin overdose

His death brought the family closer together.


Jamie Lee Curtis hails from a family deeply rooted in the film industry.

Her siblings, each with their unique paths, contribute to the diverse tapestry of the Curtis family.

From the successful acting careers of Kelly and Allegra Curtis to the private lives of Alexandra and Benjamin Curtis, and the tragic loss of Nicholas Curtis, the siblings of Jamie Lee Curtis each hold a unique place in her family story.


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