Jason Orange Siblings- Who are The Kin of the Former Take That Singer?

Jason Orange Siblings

An image of Jason Orange
An image of Jason Orange/PHOTO COURTESY: Facebook

Jason Thomas Orange is a talented English singer who became famous as a member of the beloved pop group Take That.

Born on July 10, 1970, in Manchester, England, Jason has made his mark in the music industry with his smooth vocals and impressive dance moves.

One of his career highlights includes being a key part of Take That from the beginning in 1990 until they took a break in 1996.

He rejoined the group when they reunited in 2005, adding his voice and charm to their catchy.

He then decided to step away from the entertainment world in 2014.

Jason isn’t just a singer though; he has an interesting family dynamic.

He was born just minutes before his twin brother Justin, adding a unique twist to their bond.

Together, they share a special connection that’s worth exploring.

Jason Orange continues to be a fascinating figure in the music scene even years after quitting.

Jason Orange Siblings

Who is Justin Orange?

Jason Orange has a twin brother named Justin.

Unlike Jason’s journey in the music world, Justin chose a different path and pursued a career as a DJ in their hometown of Manchester.

Recently, Justin expanded his horizons by venturing into the restaurant industry.

He launched his own eatery called Toast, located in Altrincham, Chester.

Justin’s endeavours show his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to carve his own niche in the entertainment and hospitality scene.

Jason Orange’s Other Siblings

Apart from his twin brother Justin, Jason has other siblings stemming from various family backgrounds.

He has siblings from his parents’ first marriage and half-siblings from their second marriage.

Full Siblings from Parents’ First Marriage

  • Sarah Orange

With a passion for oral health, Sarah Orange pursued dentistry, becoming a respected professional in her field.

Her commitment to providing quality care to her patients has earned her admiration and trust within the community.

  • Michael Orange

Armed with intellect and a keen sense of justice, Michael Orange pursued a career in law.

As a skilled advocate, he navigates the complexities of the legal system with precision and integrity.

He has earned accolades for his dedication to upholding the principles of fairness and equity.

Half-Siblings from Parents’ Second Marriage

  • Emma Orange

Infused with creativity and an eye for design, Emma Orange forged a path in the world of fashion.

Her innovative collections blend elements of tradition and modernity, captivating audiences with their unique aesthetic and timeless allure.

  • James Orange

James is an architect.

James Orange embarked on a journey in the realm of construction.

He had a vision to shape the world through innovative design and sustainable architecture.

His innovative creations stand as testaments to his ingenuity and commitment to building a future in harmony with the environment.

Jason Orange’s Family Life

Although there’s limited insight into Jason’s family dynamics with his siblings, it’s evident that the bond between him and his twin brother, Justin, is significant.

Born just minutes apart, they share a deep connection forged through shared experiences and mutual support.

Their respective journeys, with Jason’s rise to fame and Justin’s entrepreneurial ventures, showcase the diverse paths siblings can take while maintaining a strong bond.


Jason Orange has a twin brother named Justin Orange and four other siblings; Sarah, Michael, Emma and James.

Jason and Justin share a special bond, being born just minutes apart.

Although Jason found fame in music, Justin pursued a career as a DJ and later ventured into the restaurant industry.

The diverse paths of Jason’s siblings show how they’ve each carved their niche, possibly influencing Jason’s life through their unique pursuits and shared experiences.


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