The Unspoken Story of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Brother David Dahmer

This article delves into the unspoken story of Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother, David Dahmer.

The notoriety of American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer continues to captivate public attention.

This has been fueled by Netflix’s recent true-crime limited series, “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” and the docuseries “Conversations With a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes,” released on October 7, 2022.

These productions delve into Jeffrey’s life and family dynamics, exploring his relationships with his father, Lionel, his mother, Joyce, his stepmother, Shari, and his grandmother.

The narrative aims to trace his journey from a troubled child to a notorious killer.

Interestingly, amidst the exploration of Jeffrey’s family, the series barely touches on the existence of his younger brother, David, born almost seven years after Jeffrey.

While the series provides only fleeting mentions of David, viewers are left curious about the untold story of the younger Dahmer.

Following the revelation of Jeffrey’s crimes in the 1990s, David seemingly withdrew from public view.

Reports from Esquire suggest that he did not visit his infamous brother in prison or attend court hearings.

Today, David Dahmer leads a discreet and private life, keeping a low profile.

Discovering the whereabouts of David Dahmer and understanding the dynamics of his relationship with the rest of the family remains a mystery.

This article aims to unravel the enigma surrounding David Dahmer, shedding light on his current situation and his connection to the infamous legacy left by his brother.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Brother David Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer’s Brother David Dahmer

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother, David Dahmer?

David Dahmer, the younger sibling of notorious American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, boasts an age difference of over six years from his elder brother.

Interestingly, it is noted by Distractify that the Dahmers allowed Jeffrey the privilege of naming his younger brother, hence bestowing upon him the name David at the time of his birth.

What was the Dahmer household like?

At the time of David’s birth, the Dahmer family’s relationships were already strained.

Lionel Dahmer, the father of Jeffrey and David, was frequently absent due to work commitments, and Joyce, their mother, grappled with mental health challenges, as reported by The Cinemaholic.

During David’s childhood, he reportedly witnessed Jeffrey engaging in unsettling behavior, such as dissecting animals, as mentioned in TODAY.

According to Brian Masters’ 1993 biography, “The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer,” David was aware of an “animal graveyard” and perceived his brother’s actions as a benevolent service of burying deceased creatures.

However, tensions brewed between the siblings, exacerbated by Jeffrey’s belief that David received more attention from their parents.

The Sun reported that Jeffrey harbored resentment towards David, creating a strained dynamic between the brothers.

In 1978, the separation of Joyce and Lionel resulted in the dissolution of their family, leading to the separation of Jeffrey and David as well.

The legal proceedings surrounding their break-up involved mutual accusations of “extreme cruelty and gross neglect of duty,” as reported by TODAY and detailed in Masters’ biography.

Joyce, having secured custody, took 12-year-old David to live with her in Wisconsin after the divorce.

Despite court orders stipulating her proximity to Lionel, she relocated with her younger son, as noted by HITC and TODAY.

Concerns arose about David’s fate and where he would reside post-separation.

Surprisingly, little consideration was given to Jeffrey’s living arrangements or future.

At 18, Jeffrey remained in the family home, completing his high school education.

Unfortunately, it was during this period, later in the same year, that he committed his first murder, as chronicled by The Cinemaholic.

What happened to Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother David Dahmer ?

Having graduated from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, by the time of Jeffrey’s arrest in 1991, David, at the age of around 18, made a definitive choice to sever all ties with his brother.

This included abstaining from attending Jeffrey’s trial or hearings, as documented by The Cinemaholic.

As of the last public update in June 2004, David has crafted a life for himself, encompassing a career, a spouse, and at least two children.

However, details about his life beyond this point remain private.

During an appearance on Larry King Live, Lionel and David’s stepmother, Shari, shared minimal information about their younger stepson.

Shari mentioned that David is content and leading a happy life, providing little additional insight, according to Distractify.

In the interview, Lionel disclosed that David had legally changed his name, respecting his privacy.

The family has maintained a vow to keep David’s life entirely confidential.

Lionel, despite Jeffrey’s notoriety, expressed pride in the Dahmer name, citing his father’s resilience and self-made success.

The family occasionally used different names when dining out but refrained from further public discussions about David, marking the end of their public commentary on his life, as reported by The Cinemaholic.

David, now under a new name, has chosen to remain silent.

What is David Dahmer’s new name?

While there is no public record revealing David Dahmer’s new name, it is evident that he has deliberately chosen to live his life away from the public eye, as reported by CheatSheet.

How old is Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother, David Dahmer, now?

David Dahmer was born on December 18, 1966, making him 56 years old as of today.

However, his current status and whether he is alive remain unknown, as reported by Netflix Life.

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