Jenni Rivera Siblings: Exploring the Family of the Iconic Singer

Dolores “Jenni” Rivera was a famous American singer known for her Banda music, a type of traditional Mexican music popular in Mexico and parts of the United States with many Hispanic people.

She was also an actress, TV producer, spokesperson, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Jenni was one of six siblings, all talented musicians and entertainers.

They all supported and inspired each other to do their best in their careers and be good role models.

Discover the talented Jenni Rivera siblings in this article.

Learn about their achievements in music and entertainment, and how they supported each other in their careers.

An Image of Jenni Rivera Siblings
Jenni Rivera Siblings

Pedro Rivera Jr.

Age: 59
Born: 04/20/1964
Spouse: Ramona Rivera
Profession: Pastor, Singer

Pedro Rivera Jr. is the oldest sibling in the Rivera family.

He is a pastor who loves music.

He has released worship albums like “Yo Te Agradesco” and “Yo Le Alamo de Corazon.”

People who go to his church say he is humble and treats everyone with respect and kindness.

Pedro released his first gospel album, “Mi Dios Es Real,” in 2002, and he has been making music ever since.

Gustavo Rivera

Age: 54
Born: 03/01/1966
Spouse: Martha Duarte
Profession: Singer

Gustavo Rivera is a 54-year-old singer and songwriter from Mexico who now lives in California.

He is married to Martha Duarte, and they have two children, Gustavo Jr. and Karina, both born in 1990.

Gustavo is known for songs like “El Billete,” “La Balanza,” “Las Mujeres Malays,” “Amigo Mio,” and “Put My Head On My Shoulder.”

An Image of Gustavo Rivera
Gustavo Rivera

Lupillo Rivera

Age: 52
Born: 01/30/1972
Spouse: Mayeli Alonso (2006-2019)
Profession: Singer, Songwriter

Lupillo Rivera is a 50-year-old Mexican-American singer and songwriter from Long Beach, California.

He initially wanted to open a restaurant but ended up working for his father, Pedro Rivera, who owned a recording studio.

Pedro hired Lupillo as a talent scout, and Lupillo found success as a singer, known first as El Torito and later as El Toro del Corrido.

In 1999, he started using the name Lupillo, but his official ID shows Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra.

An Image of Lupillo Rivera
Lupillo Rivera. Photo Source (Wikipedia)

Juan Rivera

Age: 44
Born: 02/22/1978
Spouse: Brenda Rivera
Profession: Singer, Actor

Juan Rivera, a 44-year-old member of the Rivera family, began his career at 16 with his first record, “El Atizador,” released in 1996.

Besides singing, Juan has also acted. He played José Luis Perez in “La dinastia de Los Pérez” in 1994 and had a small role as an extra in “Jefe de nadie” in 2001.

Jenni Rivera

Age: 43
Born: 07/02/1969
Spouse: Esteban Loaiza (2010-2012)
Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Jenni Rivera was more than just a talented singer, songwriter, and actress.

She was also deeply involved in philanthropy and entrepreneurship, much like her younger sister, who we’ll talk about next.

Known as The Queen of Banda, Jenni was successful in the Regional Mexican music genre, as well as Mariachi and Norteño.

She was recognized as the Top Latin Artist of 2013 and the Best-Selling Latin Artist by Billboard.

Her music resonated with fans because of its themes of relationships, social issues, infidelity, and heartbreak.

Jenni was also an advocate for The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

She produced and appeared in the show “I Love Jenni” and made her acting debut in the film “Filly Brown.”

Tragically, Jenni died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012.

An Image of Jenni Rivera
Jenni Rivera. Photo Source (Wikipedia)

Rosie Rivera

Age: 40
Born: 07/03/1981
Spouse: Abel Flores
Profession: TV Personality, Businesswoman

Rosie Rivera, the youngest of the Rivera siblings at 40, chose a different path from her family’s music career.

However, she didn’t avoid the spotlight that her family was used to.

After her sister’s death, Rosie appeared in Spanish-language reality shows, gaining attention.

In 2014, she joined her siblings in the reality series “Rica, Famosa, Latina” and became the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises.

An Image of Rosie Rivera
Rosie Rivera. Photo Source (Wikipedia)


The Rivera family is known for their talent and diversity.

Pedro Jr. is a pastor and singer, Gustavo is a singer and songwriter, and Lupillo found success as a singer after starting as a talent scout.

Juan excelled in singing and acting, while Jenni achieved great success in music and advocacy.

Rosie made a name for herself in reality TV and business.

Despite tragedy, the Rivera siblings have supported and inspired each other, leaving a lasting impact on their audiences.

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