Jeremy Sisto Sibling: Meet Meadow Sisto

Meet Jeremy Sisto’s sibling: Meadow Sisto

Jeremy Sisto is an American actor. However, beyond his fame, do you have any information about his siblings?

He has an influential sister named Meadow Sisto. Who is also an actress?

Meadow Sisto is an American actress, best recognized for her role as Caroline in the 1992 film Captain Ron.

She is the daughter of Dick Sisto, a jazz vibraphonist, and Reedy Gibbs, an actress.
Meadow Sisto was born in Grass Valley, California, in September 1972.

One of her most famous roles was in her first movie, in which she played Caroline Harvey in the 1992 film Captain Ron.

Sisto also acted in other movies like The Last Time I Committed Suicide in 1997, Crossing Fields in 1997, Can’t Hardly Wait in 1998, Beach Movie in 1998, Don Plum in 2001, Ted Bundy in 2002, and In Memory of My Father in 2005.

An image of Meadow Sisto
Meadow Sisto. PHOTO SOURCE: Instagram

Why does Jeremy Sisto wear a hearing aid?

Jeremy Sisto and Alana De La Garza used to work on the TV show Law & Order, and now they are both on the popular CBS show FBI.

Sisto has been playing Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine from the beginning.

At the same time, De La Garza joined in the second season as his boss, Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille.

Dick Wolf, the creator of Law & Order, also produced the FBI, making De La Garza feel comfortable rejoining the “Wolf Pack.”

She says it feels like coming home, like being part of a family.

De La Garza mentioned that working with her former Law & Order co-star, Jeremy Sisto, was great, and she missed him.

They spent a lot of time together on and off set, but when they started working on different shows, it became challenging to stay in touch.

In tonight’s episode, the FBI agents deal with a serious incident at a restaurant in New York City.

Jeremy Sisto’s character, Jubal Valentine, coordinates the team with the help of his constant companion, a Bluetooth earpiece.

Sisto jokingly mentioned that wearing it might even improve his hearing because he spends the whole week with one ear clogged up, so switching sides helps.

However, he admits that it can be a bit of a problem.

When did Jeremy Sisto leave law and order?

Jeremy Sisto left “Law & Order” in 2010.

He played the role of Detective Cyrus Lupo on the show from 2008 to 2010 before moving on to other projects.

Is Jeremy Sisto leaving the FBI?

Jeremy Sisto is not leaving “The FBI.”

The actor has confirmed that his character, Jubal Valentine, will remain on the show.

Sisto mentioned that his character’s Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) trip is a positive sign, indicating that Jubal is getting back on track.

He emphasized that Jubal recognized the potential for a relapse but managed to stop himself before things went too far.

Therefore, fans can be confident that Jeremy Sisto will continue portraying Jubal Valentine on “FBI” in the foreseeable future.

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