Jimmy Savile siblings: Exploring the Sexual depravity of Johnny and Jimmy

Jimmy Savile siblings. Explore the sexual depravity of Johnny and Jimmy.

Jimmy Savile was a famous British DJ and TV presenter, but he did very bad things.

After he died in 2011, people found out that he hurt many children by doing sexual things to them.

This went on from 1963 to 2009. Some people who worked at the BBC, the company where he worked, knew about it but didn’t tell anyone.

This caused a big problem when it was finally revealed, and the police said he was a very bad person.

People think he was one of the worst sex offenders in Britain in the 1900s.

An image of Jimmy Savile with his sibling Johnny Savile
Jimmy Savile with his sibling Johnny Savile. Photo source: Mail Online.

What led Johnny Saville to be sacked from Springfield Hospital?

The staff did not like Johnny Savile at Richmond Royal because of his rape incident, which led to his sacking and his reputation.

Just like his younger brother, he was a sex offender who was involved in many rape cases.

The awful list of abuse only became known after Johnny died in 1998, so he did not face punishment for his crimes.

A friend of a victim of Jimmy Savile from Top of the Pops, who took her own life, is questioning why the BBC changed her story in a show called The Reckoning.

The BBC denies it is about her.

This all started when one of Johnny’s victims, who was in the hospital, wrote to the police about what happened.

She said not many patients talked about Johnny Savile because they were all getting the same treatment.

She meant Johnny Savile would show himself to patients, and sometimes they would say they were going to see him for a drink.

The report said she accurately described a time when Johnny Savile sexually touched her.

This happened in a culture that ignored such behavior or made it hard for patients to complain.

Another patient said Johnny raped her in his office at the hospital. Her doctor wrote to the hospital in 2006, but not much was done.

This was before people knew the truth about Jimmy Savile.

The patient said she first met Johnny when he invited her to his office for tea after playing badminton.

He locked the door and forced her to do something sexual.

Then he wrestled her down and raped her.

He got fired in 1980 for his misconduct.

Surprisingly, he later got a job at Richmond Royal Hospital, but people there did not like him because of his past actions, and he always made sure to mention he was Jimmy Savile’s brother.

Who is Sam Brown?

She is one of the alleged victims of the Jimmy Savile rape.

When Samantha was barely a teenager, she went to the chapel at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire, England, with her family every week.

She grew up in a religious family and remembered seeing children coming to the church from the hospital.

An image of Sam Brown
Sam Brown. Image credit: BBC.

Back then, Jimmy volunteered there as a porter and even raised a lot of money for the hospital.

Sam remembered him as an important person, but he didn’t exactly know why he was there.

After a point, Sam was handed the job of taking the collection plate around during mass.

This plate would be in a separate room close by, where she alleged Jimmy sat waiting.

On the show, Sam talked about how the media personality would stroke her back or put his arms around her waist.

But soon, that escalated, with Jimmy groping Sam “everywhere.” She stated on the show that he would put his hands down her trousers and her fingers inside her mouth.

Sam later stated that Jimmy abused her more than 20 times over three to four years until she was 15 years old.

She added, “It was horrible. I knew what was going to happen before I walked through the door. I just tried to get in and out as quickly as possible.”

According to Sam, Jimmy even left the door open so he could see the priest.

Did Jimmy Savile have siblings?

Jimmy was the youngest of seven kids, born to Vincent and Agnes.

His brothers and sisters are Mary, Marjory, Vincent, John, Joan, and Christina.

When people started saying Jimmy did bad things, they also talked about his brother Johnny.

Some people said Johnny did bad things to others when he worked at a hospital from 1978 to 1980.

Patients, a staff member, and a visitor said these things. But when people started talking about it, Johnny was already dead.

In another story, Marjory’s granddaughter said that Jimmy did something bad to her.

Caroline Robinson also said Marjory knew about it but did not tell anyone because of money.

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