Joe Burrow Siblings: Meet the Brothers Who Paved the Way for the Super Bowl Star

Joe Burrow Siblings: Learn how Jamie and Dan Burrow played football at Nebraska and influenced Joe’s football journey.
Joe Burrow Siblings: Learn how Jamie and Dan Burrow played football at Nebraska and influenced Joe’s football journey.

Joe Burrow is one of the most talented and successful quarterbacks in the NFL.

The Cincinnati Bengals star led his team to a Super Bowl appearance in just his second season after a remarkable college career at LSU that earned him the Heisman Trophy and a national championship.

In this article, we will introduce you to Joe Burrow’s siblings and show you how they helped shape the Super Bowl star.


Joe’s eldest brother, Jamie, is a restaurant investor who shares the family’s entrepreneurial spirit.

He’s a constant source of support and guidance for his younger siblings.

The quiet observer, is the family’s mathematician and a talented football player in his own right.

While he chose a different path, his intelligence and athleticism are undeniable.


The athletic one, Amy followed in their father’s footsteps, becoming a physical education teacher.

Her energy and passion for sports are contagious, inspiring everyone around her.

The creative soul, Lisa is a musician and singer who brings artistic flair to the family.

Her musical talents add a touch of magic to every Burrow gathering.


The introspective one, Julie is a writer who values privacy but remains deeply connected to her siblings. Her quiet wisdom and thoughtful nature are cherished within the family.


The business-savvy one, Sarah inherited the family’s entrepreneurial spirit and carved her own path in the business world. Her success is a testament to the Burrow work ethic.


The jokester, Mark, brings laughter and lightheartedness to the family. His contagious humor and ability to lighten any mood are invaluable assets to the Burrow crew.




How old is Joe Burrow?

Joe Burrow is 27 years old as of December 10, 2023. He was born in Ames, Iowa, in 1996.

How tall is Joe Burrow?

Joe Burrow is 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) in height, according to his NFL profile He weighs 215 pounds (97.5 kg)

How much is Joe Burrow’s salary?

Joe Burrow signed a five-year, $275 million contract extension with the Cincinnati Bengals in September 2023, making him the highest-paid player in NFL history.The contract includes $219.01 million guaranteed and a $40 million signing bonus.

Who is Joe Burrow’s wife?

Joe Burrow is not married, and he does not have a wife. He is currently single, and there is no information about him being engaged.He has been dating his college sweetheart, Olivia Holzmacher, since 2017. She is a data analyst and a dog mom.


Joe Burrow is a Super Bowl star, a Heisman Trophy winner, and a No. 1 overall draft pick.

He has achieved a lot in his football career, and he has a lot more to achieve.

He has two older brothers, Jamie and Dan, who also played football at Nebraska and who paved the way for him.

They are his role models, his mentors, and his brothers.

They are the Burrow brothers, and they are a football family.

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