Joe Mixon’s Sister a Suspect After Shots Were Fired from Bengals Player’s Home and Injured Minor: Reports

Joe Mixon’s Sister a Suspect After Shots Were Fired from Bengals Player’s Home and Injured Minor: Reports.!!!

An image illustration of Joe Mixon {Joe Mixon's Sister a Suspect After Shots Were Fired from Bengals Player's Home and Injured Minor: Reports}

Joe Mixon’s sister is now a suspect after someone shot a gun from the Bengals player’s house, hurting a young person.

Firstly, the local sheriff’s office shared a report on Thursday saying Joe Mixon isn’t a suspect, according to ESPN.

But, documents from the police show his sister, Shalonda Mixon, might be involved, as reported by TMZ Sports and Fox News.

Secondly, on Tuesday, the sheriff’s office tweeted that they went to the house on Ayers Road in Anderson Township because of a shooting at 8:25 p.m. on Monday.

They took a child to the hospital with injuries that weren’t life-threatening.

The HCSO searched a house to find clues and plans to talk to people to figure out what happened.

Firstly, they confirmed that the house where the crime happened is linked to Joe Mixon, the Bengals player.

Secondly, the report says children were having a Nerf gun “dart war.” Then, someone fired eleven real shots, and one hit a 16-year-old’s foot.

Next, the police found two people in a car and took a rifle from them.

Lastly, news from TMZ and Fox News says the two people, Shalonda and Lamonte Brewer, both 34, were in the car. The young person who got shot is 16 years old.

No one knows if Joe Mixon was at home during the shooting.

Updates on the Investigation at Joe Mixon’s Residence

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The HCSO hasn’t replied to SIBLINGSPEDIA’s comment request yet.

Firstly, a spokesperson told TMZ no arrests have been made.

They said, “This case is getting attention because it’s linked to Bengals player Joe Mixon.’

‘We can’t share more than what’s in the Incident Report. Our team is still looking at the evidence and talking to people.”

Secondly, Joe Mixon’s sister said to WLWT that he had nothing to do with the shooting.

Thirdly, the Cincinnati Bengals haven’t answered PEOPLE’s comment request either.

Next, Tracy Schaeper told WLWT about the neighbors’ meeting.

She said, “We met last night to discuss what we know. It seems seven shots were fired during a Nerf War game, and they went into a neighbor’s yard, who then shot back.”

Lastly, Fox 19 got a 911 call. A man said he was in “my athlete’s house” and reported a shooting next door.

He explained, “Kids and three or four cars were blocking the road. A kid waved around what seemed like a toy gun, then got another gun from his car. It looked real, like a Kel-Tec.”

He finished, “The kid ran to his house, shouting ‘[***] yeah.’ Then I heard ‘pop pop pop pop pop!’ and the cars drove away fast. Now, one car and a Jeep are leaving quickly.”

Key Insights from Joe Mixon’s Legal Representation and School District Statement

The man explained the incident, saying, “There was a lot of back-and-forth. The road was blocked. Girls and guys were driving around.’

‘One guy ran across the lawn between the athlete’s house and another house. I heard him shout and wave a gun, then I heard ‘pop pop pop pop pop!’”

Firstly, Joe Mixon’s lawyer, Merlyn Shiverdecker, spoke to ESPN. He said they’ve been in talks with the prosecutors.

Secondly, he believes the issue might be settled by next week.

Thirdly, Shiverdecker mentioned that shootings can cause many problems.

That’s why, in his view, it was smart for Joe to have a lawyer to speak for him and protect his rights.

Next, SIBLINGSPEDIA tried to contact Shiverdecker but got no immediate response.

Lastly, the high school student who was hit is from Anderson High School.

The school district told WLWT that the school’s staff is helping the student and their family.

They’re also in touch with the sheriff’s office about the investigation, which happened outside of school time and off school property.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Joe Mixon’s Sister And the Case Revolving Around Her

Here are some more Frequently Asked Question related to “Joe Mixon’s Sister a Suspect After Shots Were Fired from Bengals Player’s Home and Injured Minor: Reports.!!!

Q. Has anyone been arrested in connection with the shooting at Joe Mixon’s residence?

A. As of the latest reports, no arrests have been made in connection with the shooting incident at Joe Mixon’s home.

The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are conducting interviews and reviewing evidence.


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