JoJo Siwa Food-Loving Brother Jayden Spills the Tea on Their Bond

JoJo Siwa's Family Circle
JoJo Siwa’s Family Circle


JoJo Siwa has won over millions worldwide with her colorful style, catchy songs, acting talent, and positivity.

The popular performer also has an older brother named Jayden.

He is a fellow vlogger.

This article explores the relationship between JoJo and her siblings, with a focus on her bond with Jayden.

Who is Jayden Siwa?

infographic with brief background on Jayden Siwa, Jojo Siwa's elder brother.
infographic with a brief background on Jayden Siwa, Jojo Siwa’s elder brother


Jayden Siwa is JoJo’s older brother. Born on May 25, 2003, in Omaha, Nebraska, 20-year-old Jayden shares the Taurus zodiac sign with his sister.

He has made a name for himself on YouTube under the handle “The Food Dude.” His channel features food adventures, challenges, and recipes.

It has over 98,000 subscribers and more than 2.6 billion total views.

While not reaching JoJo’s level of mega-fame, with 12 million subscribers plus tours, merchandise, and shows, Jayden remains a huge fan.

The close-knit siblings often team up for videos, showing their fun personalities and tight family bonds.

The Sibling Bond: JoJo Siwa and Jayden Siwa

JoJo and Jayden Siwa share passions for music, dance, and video.

Their high energy and outgoing optimism shine through in their work. Raised in a supportive home by mom Jessalynn, a former dance teacher, and dad Tom, a retired chiropractor, the Siwas helped fuel their kids’ careers.

The siblings have consistently been each other’s biggest fans.

When JoJo bravely came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community in January 2021, Jayden offered instant love and pride.

Similarly, JoJo has cheered on Jayden’s relationship with girlfriend Abbie Crandall, which kicked off in March 2021.


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Facts About JoJo Siwa and Jayden Siwa

facts about the siblings
infographic with the facts about Jojo Siwa the siblings



JoJo Siwa and her little brother Jayden are quite the dynamic duo on YouTube.

These talented siblings each have an impressive fan base on the platform.

You can tell just from their videos how tight-knit they are, always cheering each other on and even teaming up for cute collab vlogs.

The support between these rising stars is the real deal. As the Siwas nurture their creative passions, they lift one another higher in the process.

Their story shows the power of family bonding and positive vibes. When creativity comes from a place of love, amazing things can happen.

With their inspirational blend of talent and sibling affection, JoJo and Jayden remind us how pursuing dreams can bring people together in the coolest ways.

Facts about Jojo Siwa Sibling

Attribute Details
Name Jayden Siwa
Date of Birth May 25, 2003
Place of Birth Omaha, Nebraska
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Relation to JoJo Siwa Older Brother
YouTube Channel “The Food Dude”
YouTube Subscribers Over 98,000
YouTube Total Views More than 2.6 billion
Career Focus Food adventures, challenges, and recipes
Family Support Raised by Jessalynn (former dance teacher) and Tom Siwa (retired chiropractor)
Sibling Bond Close-knit, often collaborate in videos, share passions for music, dance, and video
Significant Events – Jayden supported JoJo’s coming out in January 2021.<br> – JoJo supported Jayden’s relationship with girlfriend Abbie Crandall in March 2021.
Collective Influence Both have a strong fan base on YouTube, showcasing their talents and sibling affection

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