Kate Spade Siblings: A Closer Look at Their Lives

Kate Spade Siblings: Uncovering their lives.!!!

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Exploring Kate Spade’s Siblings and Their Journeys.
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Kate Spade was a famous fashion designer and entrepreneur who created the iconic brand Kate Spade New York.

She was known for her colorful and whimsical style, and her handbags, clothing, and accessories were loved by many celebrities and customers.

But did you know that Kate Spade had siblings who were also successful and talented in their own fields?

In this blog post, we will introduce you to Kate Spade’s siblings and tell you more about their lives and achievements.


Born Katherine Noel Brosnahan on December 24, 1962, in Kansas City, Missouri, Kate Spade was the second child among six siblings to June and Frank Brosnahan, proprietors of a road-construction company.

Growing up closely, the Brosnahan siblings, Eve, Reta, Bryan, Ann, and Earl, shared experiences and endeavors.

Siblings’ Names and Background

Let’s explore each of Kate Spade’s siblings:

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  • Eve Brosnahan:

The eldest sister, Eve, is a lawyer practicing family law and estate planning in Kansas City.

She holds degrees from the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law.

  • Reta Brosnahan Saffo:

Reta, the third sister, is a prolific writer and editor, contributing to renowned publications like The Kansas City Star, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

She’s authored several books and holds degrees from the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism.

  • Bryan Brosnahan:

Kate’s only brother, Bryan, is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon with his practice in Kansas City.

He obtained his degrees from the University of Kansas and the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

  • Ann Brosnahan:

Ann, the fifth sister, teaches kindergarten at a public school in Kansas City, having graduated from the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Education.

  • Earl Brosnahan III:

Earl, the youngest brother, is a senior engineer at a technology firm in Kansas City.

He holds degrees from the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri-Rolla School of Engineering.

Early Life and Family Dynamics

The Brosnahan siblings had a happy and caring childhood in a house in a city near Kansas City.

They went to Catholic schools, did different things, and traveled a lot with their parents, learning about the world.

They grew up close and friendly with each other, and they also tried to do better than each other in school, sports, and art.

Their parents taught them to work hard and help others, and the siblings helped and respected each other, seeing what each other did well and not so well.

They had many things in common, and these things helped them do well and give back in their own ways.

Personal Lives

Kate Spade and her siblings led successful and fulfilling personal lives.

They married, started families, and maintained a close-knit support system, celebrating milestones together and facing challenges as a united front.

However, amidst their successes, the family also endured tragic losses.

In 2010, they mourned the passing of their mother, June, after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Then, in 2018, they grappled with the loss of Kate Spade herself, who tragically took her own life.

Through these difficult times, they grieved together, honoring the legacies of their loved ones.

Philanthropic Ventures and Social Causes

Beyond their personal achievements, Kate Spade and her siblings demonstrated generosity and compassion through various philanthropic initiatives:

  • The Kate Spade & Company Foundation, founded in 1996, supports women’s empowerment, education, and entrepreneurship, particularly in developing nations.

It collaborates with organizations like Girls Inc., Dress for Success, and Women for Women International.

  • The Kate Spade New York On Purpose Collection, launched in 2014, features products crafted by Rwandan artisans, promoting fair wages and social enterprise while supporting the local community and sustainability efforts.
  • The Brosnahan Family Foundation, established in 2018 by Kate’s siblings and their spouses, focuses on mental health awareness and treatment, along with causes dear to Kate, such as animal welfare and children’s health.

Additionally, Kate Spade’s niece, Rachel Brosnahan, an acclaimed actress known for her role in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” advocates for women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and gun control.

Meanwhile, David Spade, Kate’s brother-in-law, a renowned comedian and actor, supports causes like animal rescue and cancer research.

Frances Valentine, Kate’s daughter, is immersed in art, music, and fashion, embodying her mother’s creative spirit.

How did Kate Spade’s siblings cope with her passing?

Kate Spade’s siblings expressed shock and sadness at her death, releasing a statement conveying their devastation and attending her funeral to honor her memory.

Are Kate Spade’s siblings still involved in her fashion brand?

While Kate Spade’s siblings aren’t directly engaged with Kate Spade New York, they continue to support its mission and occasionally endorse its products.

They’re also involved in Frances Valentine, Kate’s second fashion brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Kate Spade

Here are some common questions about Kate Spade’s siblings:

Q: What were Kate Spade’s siblings’ professions?

A: Kate Spade’s siblings pursued diverse careers:

Eve was a lawyer, Reta was a writer and editor, Bryan was a doctor, Ann was a teacher, and Earl was an engineer.


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