Katy Perry Siblings: Who Are Angela and David Hudson?

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Katy Perry Siblings/PHOTO COURTESY: Facebook

Katy Perry has two siblings, an older sister, Angela Hudson and a younger brother, David Hudson.

Both Angela and David also share Katy’s passion for music.

Katy Perry, also known by her real name Katy Hudson, is a renowned singer celebrated for hits like “Firework.”

With a successful career dominating the music industry for years, Perry has also made her mark as a judge on the popular TV show American Idol since 2018.

However, she’s decided to step away from the spotlight of the competition series after six years of sitting in the middle seat at the judging table.

Below, we explore the lives of Angela and David, Katy’s older sister and younger brother, who are passionate about music.

Who Is Angela Hudson?

An image of Angela Hudson, Katy Perry's older Sister
An image of Angela Hudson, Katy Perry’s older Sister/PHOTO: Instagram

Angela Hudson is Katy Perry’s older sister.

She was born on December 7, 1982, in Los Angeles, California, and shares a deep bond with her superstar sibling.

While Katy pursued a music career, Angela supported her from the sidelines.

Despite not following in Katy’s footsteps in the music industry, Angela has her passions.

She co-founded the Firework Foundation with Katy to empower children in underserved communities through the arts.

Their sisterly relationship is built on love and support.

Katy once mentioned that Angela’s values and ethics greatly influenced her.

They’ve been through a lot together, including Angela’s marriage to Svend Lerche in 2012 and the births of her two children, which Katy helped deliver.

Angela’s life revolves around family, charity work, and supporting her sister’s endeavours.

Who Is David Hudson?

An image of David Hudson, Katy's younger brother
An image of David Hudson, Katy’s younger brother/PHOTO: Instagram

David Hudson is Katy Perry’s younger brother who shares his sister’s passion for music.

Born on August 11, 1988, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he grew up in southern California, surrounded by a musical atmosphere.

Following Katy’s footsteps, David embarked on a journey in the music industry, showcasing his talent as a singer and songwriter.

At 12, David began crafting his melodies, eventually releasing his debut EP, “Dirty Face,” in 2012.

His musical journey continued with the release of his first album, “The Revolution,” in August 2013, under the stage name HUDSON.

Notably, David reached a career pinnacle when he received the Rocket League season 16 Champion Award on June 15th, 2022, marking a significant achievement in his musical journey.

Beyond his music career, David has also dabbled in acting, appearing in various productions, including short films and Katy Perry’s autobiographical documentary concert film, “Katy Perry: Part of Me.”

Despite their busy schedules, David and Katy share a strong sibling bond, evident in their collaborative projects and mutual support for each other’s activities.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, David finds joy in his personal life.

Currently residing in Orlando, Florida, he indulges in hobbies such as collecting anime figurines and doting on his two beloved cats, Peachy and Buzzbo.

Moreover, David’s marriage in 2018 added another layer of happiness to his life, with Katy playing a special role in the celebrations by catching the bouquet at his wedding.

Katy Perry’s Family Life

Katy Perry, born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson in 1984, was raised in Santa Barbara, California.

Her parents were both Pentecostal pastors.

Despite their religious upbringing, the family faced financial struggles.

Katy began singing at a young age and was incorporated into their church ministry.

At 17, she moved to Los Angeles and began releasing gospel records before transitioning to pop music under the stage name Katy Perry.


Katy Perry isn’t the only star in the Hudson family.

Her siblings, Angela and David, offer their own unique blend of talent and support.

Whether it’s cheering her on from the sidelines or pursuing their own creative paths, their bond as siblings remains a constant force in Katy’s life.


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