Keyshia Cole Siblings: Exploring Family Ties of the RnB Superstar

In 2006, Keyshia Cole burst onto the American music scene with her hit single ‘Love’. Her voice and charming personality have captivated us ever since.

However, her family life remains largely mysterious, despite her fame. Let’s delve into her relationships with her four siblings and how she handles them in public.

Keysha Cole siblings (1)

Keyshia Cole Siblings

Keyshia Cole has four siblings: two brothers (Sean and Sam) and two sisters (Elite and Neffeteria). Their family history is a blend of biological and adopted connections, creating a rich tapestry of relationships and experiences.

Neffeteria Pugh

Keyshia’s older sister is a multifaceted individual with a whopping 455,000 followers on Instagram. She’s verified and wears many hats, including being an executive producer, author, and actress.

Neffeteria starred in the reality TV show “The Frankie and Neffe Show” alongside their mother, Frankie Lons. She’s also a proud mother of five children: Brianna, Ciara, JayLann, Nayla, and Star1.

Elite Noel

Keyshia’s youngest sister was born in July 1985 in California. Like Keyshia, she’s also in the music industry and has an impressive following of 85,000 on Instagram.

Elite discovered her adoption at age 11, leading her on a journey of self-discovery and embracing her unique family background.

Sean Cole

Better known as Nutt-So, Sean is Keyshia’s brother and a rapper from East Oakland, California. His rap career began with the group Street Thugs, alongside Pound and Mo-Savage.

Keyshia’s introduction to the music industry happened at age 12 through Sean, where they even recorded with the legendary MC Hammer. Nutt-So has over 43,000 followers on Instagram.

Sam Cole

Keyshia’s other brother, Sam Cole, was the first to announce their mother Frankie’s passing.

Although not much is widely known about him, he seems to be involved in the music industry and stays active on Instagram.

After their mother’s death, Sam shared a heartfelt video of himself with Frankie and wrote a touching tribute to her.

Keyshia Cole Biography

Attribute Details
Real Name Keyshia Myeshia Cole
Nickname Keyshia Cole
Birth Place Oakland, California, United States
Date of Birth 15 October 1981
Age 42 years old
Nationality American
Gender Female
Kids/Children Names Tobias Khale and Daniel Gibson Jr
Profession American singer-songwriter and TV personality
Net Worth $9 Million

Career Highlights

In the early 2000s, Keyshia Cole rose to fame. She released several albums, with her first album, The Way It Is, achieving platinum certification shortly after its release.

Some of her most popular songs include Love, I Should Have Cheated, and Heaven Sent.

In addition to music, Keyshia Cole appeared on various reality TV shows like BET’s Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is and VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Through these shows, her fans gained insight into her personal life, including her struggles with addiction and relationships.

Despite facing personal challenges, Keyshia Cole’s music and entertainment careers thrived.

As of 2024, her net worth is estimated at $9 million. With new projects on the horizon, Keyshia Cole continues to leave a lasting impact on the industry.

Keyshia Cole’s Net Worth

Various online resources (including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg) estimate Keyshia Cole’s net worth to be around $9 million.

Cole has achieved success as an American singer, songwriter, and businesswoman.

Through her talent and hard work, she has built a successful career and amassed a net wealth of $9 million.

Keyshia Cole Siblings, Parents and Family Origin

Keyshia Cole, the talented American singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, has a captivating family history.

Her family origin blends biological connections, adoption, and the unwavering support of her adoptive family.

Her story reflects strength, determination, and the power of love and resilience.

Keyshia was born to Francine Lons, who struggled with addiction. Her mother’s battle with drug addiction led to a challenging upbringing.

Her biological father, Virgil Hunter, a boxing trainer, was unfortunately absent from her life.

When Keyshia was just two years old, family friends Leon and Yvonne Cole stepped in. They adopted her and changed her last name to Cole.

This loving adoption provided Keyshia with stability and a new family foundation.

Despite her biological mother’s ongoing struggles with drug addiction, Keyshia’s journey has been one of resilience and success.

Venturing into the music industry at the age of 12, Keyshia met hip-hop artist MC Hammer.

At 18, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music career, collaborating with artists from her native Bay Area.


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