Lady Gaga Siblings: The Sisterhood Between Lady Gaga and Natali Germanotta

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known by her stage name Lady Gaga, actively engages in the American entertainment industry as a singer, songwriter, actress, philanthropist, dancer, and fashion designer.

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Lady Gaga Siblings: The Sisterhood Between Lady Gaga and Natali Germanotta
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Renowned for her multifaceted talents, she captivates audiences with her elaborate performances and daring music videos.

Lady Gaga’s journey to stardom began when music producer Rob Fusari discovered her, christening her with the moniker “Lady Gaga,” inspired by the Queen hit “Radio Ga Ga.”

Throughout her career, she has delivered chart-topping hits such as “Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” and “Bad Romance,” along with critically acclaimed albums like “The Fame” and “The Fame Monster.”

Accolades, including multiple Grammy Awards, underscore her impact on the music industry.

Lady Gaga’s artistic expression often delves into themes of sexuality, violence, and authority, reflecting her feminist perspective and her commitment to empowering women through her creative endeavors.

Lady Gaga Parents

Cynthia Louise Germanotta, recognized for her philanthropy and business leadership, partners with Joseph Germanotta, an internet entrepreneur and restaurateur, in supporting their daughter Lady Gaga’s career and pursuing their own professional endeavors.

Cynthia’s philanthropic initiatives, including co-founding the Born This Way Foundation with Lady Gaga, concentrate on empowering youth and promoting mental health awareness.

Joseph’s expertise lies in internet entrepreneurship, complemented by his ownership and operation of a restaurant.

As a couple, Gaga’s parents play an integral role in her journey while also advancing their individual careers, enriching the family’s array of interests and achievements.

Lady Gaga Siblings

Gaga’s younger sister, Natali Veronica Germanotta, actively engages in the entertainment industry, primarily focusing on acting.

Moreover, she has immersed herself in the costume and wardrobe domain, indicating her involvement in crafting or selecting attire for diverse productions.

Natali’s dual roles in acting and costume-related endeavors highlight her contribution to the creative dimensions of entertainment, enriching the visual and artistic facets of performances or productions.

Natali is a Fashion Designer

Natali chose to forge her own path in the fashion industry rather than relying on her sister’s connections, graduating from the Parsons School of Design in New York City in 2014.

During her undergraduate years, she designed costumes for the off-Broadway production Simon Says and interned for Allison Parris, as reported by British Vogue.

According to Parris, who spoke to WWD in 2011, Natali possesses a similarly edgy fashion sense to her sister but stands out for her amiable and collaborative nature.

Following her studies, Natali worked as an assistant to fashion designer Brandon Maxwell, who also served as Lady Gaga’s stylist and previously held the position of fashion director at the Haus of Gaga. In 2021, Natali launched her own fashion line, Topo Studio.

Despite her determination to establish her own identity in the industry, Natali received a significant boost when Gaga incorporated one of her school projects—a large stiletto statue—into a piano for her performance of “Born This Way” and “You and I” on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011.

Reflecting on the moment, Natali admitted to Teen Vogue that she was overwhelmed with emotion, recalling how she tearfully celebrated the surprise at her parents’ home.

Natali Creates Outfits for Lady Gaga’s Tours and Grammy

Lady Gaga has enthusiastically showcased numerous ensembles crafted by her sister.

Recent collaborations with Topo Studio encompass stage outfits for the 2022 Chromatica Ball Tour, the Las Vegas residency titled Lady Gaga: Jazz & Piano, and Gaga’s performance alongside the Rolling Stones in October 2023.

Natali has also curated Gaga’s off-stage attire, including styling for a 2014 Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot and a 2023 campaign for Don Perignon. Additionally, she contributed to the costume department for the 2018 film A Star Is Born.

For the 2022 Grammys, the “Rain on Me” singer enlisted her sister’s expertise. Among the three gowns Gaga donned for the event, one was a teal crepe back satin silk velvet dress with a feather capelet, designed by Topo Studio.

Expressing gratitude on Instagram the following day, Gaga wrote, “Thank you to @topostudiony for hand making this beautiful 👗 for me 🥰.”


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