Lamelo Ball Siblings : A Basketball Dynasty Forged in Family and Fame

The  Lamelo Ball siblings, their family is well-known in sports, especially in basketball.

LaVar Christopher Ball, the head of the family, used to play football.

His sons – Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo – have made history in sports and always grab attention.

The entire family stars in the reality TV show, “Ball In The Family!” on Facebook Watch, adding fun and drama.

The three brothers have been very successful.

They’re the only brothers chosen in the top five of the NBA Draft.

LaMelo, the youngest Ball brother, joined the NBA last and has had impressive seasons.

Stick with us as we discuss everything about the three Ball brothers.

An image of Lamelo Ball Brothers
Brothers LiAngelo, LaMelo, and Lonzo Ball of Big Ballers VXT. (USATSI).


LaMelo LaFrance Ball

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Born in 2001 at the turn of the century, LaMelo (Melo) Ball is the youngest among the Ball brothers.

Despite initial skepticism about his abilities, LaMelo has surpassed expectations, establishing himself as a prominent figure in basketball.

The 2020 NBA draft saw him as the third overall pick, creating history alongside his brothers as the first siblings to be drafted in the Top 5.

Excelling with the Hornets, LaMelo was crowned NBA Rookie of the Year in 2021 and went on to become an NBA All-Star player in 2022.

Following in the footsteps of his brothers, LaMelo commenced his career at Chino Hills High School in California, winning the state championship as a freshman.

He also participated in the JBA, his father’s league, and the Lithuanian league.

Initially planning to play for the UCLA Bruins men’s basketball, LaMelo opted out of college and joined the Illawarra Hawks in Australia, securing the NBL Rookie of the Year award.

Inheriting his father’s business acumen, LaMelo attempted to purchase his former club, Illawarra Hawks, in late 2020, though the effort proved unsuccessful.

With a massive Instagram following exceeding 8.5 million, LaMelo earned the distinction of having a signature shoe named after him, the Melo Ball 1, in 2017.

While it’s notable that his father’s company produced the shoe, it’s widely believed that LaMelo would have achieved this honor independently.

Beyond the basketball court, LaMelo continues to attract media attention, thanks to his family’s reality TV show.

At 20 years old, he is romantically involved with 33-year-old Instagram model Analicia Chaves.

Fun Fact:

During his junior season at Chino, a coaching dispute led LaMelo to depart from the team and sign with the Lithuanian professional team, Prienai, where his brother later joined him.

Lonzo Anderson Ball

Lonzo is a pro basketball player in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls, having played for the Pelicans before.

He started playing basketball at the age of two.

In 2017, Ball made headlines as the second draft pick for the LA Lakers before joining the Pelicans two years later.

Standing at 6’ 6”, the point guard has grown into one of the most exciting young players in the NBA.

Lonzo’s basketball journey began in high school, where he played for Chino Hills High School in 2016 with his younger brothers.

The team had an undefeated record, winning the national championship.

During his college freshman season at UCLA, Lonzo set a record for the most assists in a season and led the nation in assists.

He won the Wayman Tisdale Award for the Top Freshman in the Nation.

Lonzo, a consensus five-star recruit after high school, won the MVP of the Wooden Legacy while playing for UCLA.

After joining the Lakers, injuries affected his playing time, leading to his trade to the Pelicans.

He played for the Pelicans for two seasons before joining the Chicago Bulls.

Lonzo’s personal life has had ups and downs.

He has a daughter named Zoey Christina Ball with his ex-girlfriend Denise Garcia.

Since their breakup in 2018, Lonzo is now dating Instagram model Ally Rossel.

Fun fact:

In the 2017 season, Lonzo set a league record by having over 10 assists in four games, being the first in league history to achieve this feat more than once.

His 9.3 average assists became a league record.

An image of Lonzo Anderson Ball
Lonzo Anderson Ball.


LiAngelo Robert Ball

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LiAngelo, LaVar’s middle son, is a pro basketball player with experience in both the U.S. and Lithuania.

Growing up with a footballer dad and a basketball-playing mom, Tina Ball, LiAngelo started sports at age four, playing with his older brother at seven.

He later joined Lonzo at Chino Hills High School in California, winning state championships.

However, a foot injury in 2014 at Fairfax High School posed a challenge.

In 2017-2018, LiAngelo aimed for the pro draft, training with the Lakers, Warriors, and Clippers.

Despite not getting drafted, he cheered on Lonzo, the second pick for the LA Lakers.

LiAngelo faced a setback after a shoplifting incident in China during high school.

Despite being a UCLA signee, he signed with the Lithuanian team Prienai, experiencing a tough start.

In 2018, he announced his participation in the 2018 NBA draft, defying low expectations.

He played in the JBA before the G League, briefly joining the Detroit Pistons in 2020–21 before the Greensboro Swarm in 2021.

As his family’s social media presence grew, LiAngelo became a reality TV star on Facebook Watch.

He also signed shoes for his father’s company, Ball in the Family.

Currently dating Jaden Owens, another California-born athlete, LiAngelo, known for playing against older kids since kindergarten, has an impressive basketball journey.


The Ball family, led by LaVar, is famous in basketball. Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo have made NBA history.

LaMelo, the youngest, was the third pick in the 2020 draft and earned Rookie of the Year.

Lonzo, now with the Chicago Bulls, started with the LA Lakers.

LiAngelo faced challenges but briefly joined the Detroit Pistons.

They’re featured in “Ball In The Family!” on Facebook Watch.


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