Mahesh Babu Siblings-Who Are The Telugu Star’s Family?

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Mahesh Babu, known for his roles in more than 25 films and charitable work, is a well-known Telugu actor among the highest-paid in Indian cinema.

This piece explores the family history of Mahesh Babu, paying special attention to his siblings and how they impacted both his personal and professional lives.

Mahesh Babu’s Family Background

Mahesh Babu comes from a prominent Telugu family with roots in show business.

His mother is Indira Devi, and his father is the seasoned actor Krishna.

Mahesh is the fourth of five siblings, including Ramesh Babu, Padmavathi, Manjula, and Priyadarshini.

He was raised in Madras for most of his early years by his family and his maternal grandmother, Durgamma.

Mahesh also has a stepbrother named Naresh and a stepmother named Vijaya Nirmala, who is also well-known in the movie business.

Mahesh Babu’s Siblings

Mahesh Babu Siblings

Ramesh Babu Ghattamaneni

He was Mahesh Babu’s elder brother.

He made the switch from performing to film production.

Even though he doesn’t have much screen time, he’s a big part of the Telugu film industry backstage.

He contributed to the making of several popular films.

Padmavathi Galla

The elder sister of Mahesh Babu, Padmavathi, first sought a profession in the Telugu cinema business.

She eventually turned her attention to politics, and she is now an Indian politician.

She has experience working in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and other languages.

Padmavathi has two boys and is married to Jayadev Galla.

Manjula Swaroop

As the older sister of Mahesh Babu, Manjula Swaroop worked as an actor and producer in the movie business.

She made contributions to Hindi and Telugu films.

Her talent and versatility are evident in the variety of genres she works in.


The younger sister of Mahesh Babu is Priyadarshini.

She comes from a family with a long history in the entertainment business, despite being less well-known to the general public.

She may not have had the same level of success or commitment as her siblings, but she still has a family link to the film industry.


Mahesh Babu, a renowned Telugu actor, is the fourth of five siblings from a prominent Telugu family.

His siblings have diverse backgrounds, including film production, politics, acting, and entertainment.

Each sibling has left their mark on popular films and the entertainment industry.

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