Marco Gumabao siblings:More Than Just Names

Get to know the Gumabao family! This article explores the lives of Marco Gumabao siblings, offering a unique perspective on the heartthrob.
Get to know the Gumabao family! This article explores the lives of Marco Gumabao siblings, offering a unique perspective on the heartthrob.

Marco Gumabao, the heartthrob who stole hearts in “The Kissing Booth” and numerous Filipino teleseryes, isn’t the only star in the Gumabao family.
This article delves into the lives of his siblings, revealing a powerhouse of talent and a bond that shines brighter than any spotlight.

A Family Steeped in Creativity

Marco’s siblings haven’t just ridden his coattails to fame.

They’ve each carved their paths in the world of entertainment, modeling, sports, and entrepreneurship.

Born to the legacy of the late actor Dennis Roldan, creativity seems to run deep in the Gumabao veins.

Let’s meet the talented members of this dynamic family.

Michele Gumabao

Marco’s older sister, Michele Gumabao, is a force to be reckoned with.

She’s a former Miss Universe Philippines contestant who has graced international runways and captivated audiences with her beauty and intelligence.

Michele is also a savvy businesswoman, managing her own clothing line.

Paolo Gumabao

Marco’s half-brother, Paolo Gumabao, isn’t far behind in the fame department.

Though they didn’t meet until Paolo was 15, they’ve formed a strong bond.

Paolo is a model and actor, following in his father’s footsteps and carving his own space in the entertainment industry.

Katrina Gumabao

The Gumabao siblings aren’t just about glitz and glam.

Marco’s younger sister, Katrina, is a champion athlete.

She’s a Muay Thai fighter who has garnered international recognition for her skills and dedication to the sport.

Katrina proves that strength and talent come in many forms within the Gumabao family.


Are any of Marco Gumabao’s siblings also in the entertainment industry?

Yes! Both Michele and Paolo Gumabao have ventured into the world of entertainment.

Michele is a former Miss Universe Philippines contestant and model, while Paolo is a rising star himself, working as a model and actor.

What do Marco Gumabao’s other siblings do?

Marco’s sister Katrina Gumabao is a champion Muay Thai fighter, showcasing the diverse range of talents within the Gumabao family.

How close are Marco Gumabao and his siblings?

The Gumabao siblings seem to have a very close bond.

They frequently support each other’s endeavors, attending events and celebrating each other’s achievements.

Social media also reveals a playful and supportive family dynamic.



Despite their diverse pursuits, the Gumabao siblings share an unwavering support system.

They’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders, attending events, celebrating milestones, and offering encouragement along the way.

Marco himself has spoken openly about his admiration for his siblings’ achievements.

Social media offers a glimpse into their playful camaraderie, showcasing a fun-loving family dynamic that transcends professional successes.

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