Mariah Carey Siblings: Meet Alison Carey, Morgan Carey

Undoubtedly, Mariah Carey possesses an extraordinary vocal range, effortlessly conquering challenging high notes with precision. With a musical career spanning numerous years, her timeless tunes continue to resonate with fans today.

Beyond her musical prowess, Mariah is a multifaceted artist, also making a mark as an actress, songwriter, and record producer.

Although Mariah was once married to Nick Cannon for six years, their paths eventually diverged through a divorce. Notably, this happened before Nick embarked on the journey of fatherhood with multiple partners.

At 53 years old, the enchanting songstress has two older siblings. Morgan Carey, her 61-year-old brother, and Alison Carey, who is 59.

Like many families worldwide, the Carey family has experienced its share of ups and downs, reminding us that celebrities are not immune to familial complexities. In Mariah’s case, her relationship with her brother and sister is notably intricate, evoking a sense of empathy for her struggles.

Amidst family challenges, Mariah found solace in music, using it as a therapeutic outlet to combat the turbulence in her personal life. She faced the burden of familial expectations and the feeling of entitlement to her success and wealth, a struggle that only intensified her resolve to carve her path.

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Mariah found solace in music, using it as a therapeutic outlet to combat the turbulence in her personal life. photo courtesy Instagram source of Information

How Often Do Mariah Carey’s Twins See Their Dad Nick Cannon?

1. Balancing Act of Fatherhood: With a sprawling family of 12 children from six different women, Nick Cannon faces the delicate challenge of divvying up his time to cater to the diverse needs of his extended family.

2. Guarding Family Privacy: Both Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are staunch advocates for shielding their children’s privacy. They intentionally keep the specifics of their visitation arrangements under wraps, maintaining a discreet approach to family matters.

3. Juggling Act of Busy Lives: The duo grapples with the relentless demands of their bustling careers, spread across various locations. This constant juggling act introduces an element of unpredictability into the already dynamic schedules of these two high-profile celebrities.

Insights Unveiled: Peeking into Nick Cannon’s Parenting Realm

1. Connectivity Amidst Distances: Nick Cannon goes the extra mile to stay connected with his children, leveraging video calls and various communication channels. Even when physically apart, he actively participates in their lives, ensuring his presence during crucial events and carving out quality time whenever possible.

2. Public Glimpses into Family Bonds: Beyond the veil of privacy, snapshots, and sightings offer the public a glimpse into the cherished moments of Moroccan and Monroe with their father. These occasional outings and shared events paint a heartwarming picture of their time together.

3. Mariah’s Silent Support: While Mariah Carey remains discreet about the nitty-gritty, her public stance reflects unwavering support for Nick Cannon’s dedication to fatherhood. In navigating the complexities of their blended family, Carey acknowledges and appreciates Cannon’s commitment.

Who Are Mariah’s Siblings?

Mariah Carey’s Siblings: A Tale of Family Dynamics

In the tapestry of Mariah Carey’s life, two significant threads are woven by her siblings:

Alison Carey: A Musical Journey Through Time Mariah’s elder sister, Alison, entered the world in 1962. The 1980s and 1990s saw her pursuing a musical career, lending her voice and songwriting talents to the industry. While her path didn’t ascend to the heights of Mariah’s stardom, Alison’s journey showcased her dedication to music.

Often described as more introverted and private than her famed younger sister, Alison carved her niche in the realm of melody.


Morgan Carey: The Advocacy of Resilience Born in 1960, Mariah’s older brother, Morgan, faced unique challenges growing up with cerebral palsy.

Despite these hurdles, he emerged as a writer and a passionate advocate for individuals with disabilities. His memoir, titled “Brother to the Songbird,” not only chronicles his journey but also serves as a testament to resilience.

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Mariah’s elder sister, Alison, entered the world in 1962. The 1980s and 1990s saw her pursuing a musical career,

Why Does Mariah Carey Feel Like Her Siblings Are Taking Advantage Of Her?

Mariah Carey’s feelings towards her siblings, particularly Allison and Morgan, are complex and nuanced. While details remain private, her public statements and interviews hint at several factors contributing to her perception of being taken advantage of:

Financial Expectations:

  • Mariah’s immense success has placed her in a significantly different financial position than her siblings. Some reports suggest past instances where Mariah felt pressured or obligated to provide financial support, creating an imbalanced dynamic.
  • The perception of her as an “ATM” by her siblings, fueled by potential requests or expectations not based on mutual reciprocity, could foster resentment and a feeling of being used.

Past Experiences:

  • Mariah openly shared childhood experiences of neglect and abuse inflicted by both her sister and brother, including physical and emotional harm. These past traumas likely contribute to feelings of distrust and apprehension, making her wary of their motives.
  • Public feuds and accusations of betrayal further strain the relationship, making it challenging to move past hurtful experiences and rebuild trust.

Differing Values and Personalities:

  • Mariah emphasizes family, loyalty, and respect, while her siblings have sometimes portrayed different values or priorities. This clash in perspective could fuel misunderstandings and disagreements, especially in the context of financial assistance or emotional support.
  • Differences in personality and life paths can also contribute to communication issues and misunderstandings. Mariah’s reserved nature may contrast with her siblings’ more public personas, leading to further friction.

Media Portrayal:

  • Public scrutiny and gossip surrounding their family dynamics can add another layer of complexity. Negative media portrayals or misinterpretations could exacerbate existing tensions and fuel resentment.
  • Mariah might feel exposed and judged for expressing her discomfort, potentially hindering open communication and resolution.

How Is The Relationship Between Mariah Carey And Her Brother?

Navigating Complex Bonds: Mariah Carey and Morgan’s Evolving Relationship

The intricate relationship between Mariah Carey and her brother, Morgan, has weathered a spectrum of complexities, marked by public feuds, legal battles, and subtle whispers of potential reconciliation. Let’s delve into the nuances:

Understanding the Strain: Factors Fueling Tension

1. Childhood Shadows: Rooted in the soil of their shared past, Mariah has openly addressed feelings of neglect and mistreatment during their childhood. These formative experiences cast a long shadow over their present relationship, influencing its contours.

2. Divergent Journeys: The stark contrast between Mariah’s meteoric rise in the music industry and Morgan’s life as a writer and advocate for people with disabilities adds another layer to their dynamic. The divergence in their paths and public profiles might contribute to a perceived distance between them.

3. Public Feuds and Accusations: The public arena has witnessed open criticism and accusations of financial neglect volleyed between Mariah and Morgan. These verbal clashes, aired for all to witness, have further strained trust and fueled a lingering sense of resentment.

4. Legal Crossroads: In a significant turn of events in 2021, Morgan took legal action against Mariah, filing a defamation lawsuit in response to claims made in her memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey.” This legal battle underscores a profound breakdown in their relationship, bringing private grievances into the public eye.

Why Mariah Carey Does Not Get Along With Her Sister

Childhood Trauma:

  • Mariah has openly shared painful experiences of neglect and abuse inflicted by Alison during their childhood. These early traumas deeply affect their current relationship, possibly fueling distrust and resentment.

Different Paths:

  • Mariah’s immense musical success contrasts significantly with Alison’s less publicly known singing career. This disparity in their achievements and public profiles might create a sense of distance and imbalance.

Public Feuds:

  • Their disagreements have spilled over into the public eye, with accusations of financial neglect and betrayal aired through interviews and media reports. These publicized disputes further damage trust and exacerbate existing tensions.

Media Scrutiny:

  • Constant media attention and speculation surrounding their family dynamics add another layer of stress. Misinterpretations and negative portrayals can worsen their relationship and hinder open communication.

Possible Misunderstandings:

  • Miscommunication and differing expectations could contribute to friction. Mariah might expect different levels of emotional support or financial assistance than Alison is able or willing to provide.

Personality Differences:

  • Mariah’s reserved and private nature might clash with Alison’s potentially more public persona. These discrepancies in personality and preferred interactions can cause further misunderstanding and frustration.

Legal Disputes:

  • Morgan Carey, their brother, sued Mariah for defamation based on claims in her memoir regarding him. This legal action significantly complicates the family dynamic and further strains relationships.


Who is Mariah Carey’s brother?

  • Mariah Carey has an older brother named Morgan Carey. He briefly worked as a music producer and a model, but he is now a fitness trainer and entrepreneur.

Who is Mariah Carey’s sister?

Mariah Carey has an older sister named Alison Carey. She has had a difficult life, including drug addiction and homelessness. Alison has been estranged from her family and hasn’t spoken to Mariah since 1994. She is currently living in Kingston, NY.

Who is Mariah Carey’s brother?

  • Mariah Carey has an older brother named Morgan Carey. He briefly worked as a music producer and a model, but he is now a fitness trainer and entrepreneur.

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