Mariah Carey’s Sister: The Untold Story of Alison Carey

Have you ever heard of Mariah Carey’s sister, Alison Carey?

If not, worry not, because this article has got you covered.

How Mariah and Alison Grew Up in Different Worlds

Mariah Carey is one of the most successful pop stars of all time, with a net worth of $520 million and countless awards and achievements.

An image of Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey (Source: Getty Images)

But behind her glamorous image, there is a dark and painful family history that involves her sister, Alison Carey.

Who is Alison, and what happened to her?

Alison Carey was born in 1962, two years before Mariah, to Patricia and Alfred Carey, a voice coach and an aeronautical engineer.

Their parents divorced when Alison was 11 and Mariah was three, and they were raised very differently.

Alison faced racism and identity challenges while residing with their black father.

On the other hand, Mariah, living with their white mother, received support to nurture her musical talent.

Alison became pregnant at 15, married, dropped out of school at 16, and turned to prostitution and drugs to survive.

Mariah, on the other hand, moved to New York and launched her stellar career at 18.

An image of Mariah Carey’s sister, Alison Carey
An image of Mariah Carey’s sister, Alison Carey (Source: Splash)

The Reasons Behind Their Estrangement

The sisters’ paths diverged even more as Mariah rose to fame and Alison sank into addiction.

Alison asserted that she experienced abuse from her father, who passed away in 2002, as well as from other men in her life.

She contracted HIV, lost custody of her four children, and faced multiple arrests and health issues.

She also accused their mother of being involved in a satanic cult and sexually abusing her as a child, which Patricia denied.

Mariah, meanwhile, became one of the best-selling artists of all time, married and divorced twice, and had two children of her own.

The sisterhood between Mariah and Alison was strained and complicated.

Alison repeatedly asked Mariah for money and help, but Mariah said that she had been supporting her sister for decades, including paying for her rehab treatments.

Mariah also said that she was hurt and betrayed by Alison’s actions and words and that she had to distance herself from her toxic family.

Alison said that she loved Mariah and wanted to reconnect with her, but Mariah rarely spoke about her sister in public.

The last time they were seen together was at their father’s funeral.

Alison’s Struggles and Achievements

Alison Carey is now 60 years old, and she is trying to turn her life around.

She is sober, working on a book, and living in a women’s sobriety house.

She said that she hopes to reunite with Mariah and her children someday and that she is proud of her sister’s achievements.

Mariah Carey is now 51 years old, and she is still making music and breaking records.

She recently published a memoir in which she revealed some of the secrets and traumas of her childhood, including her relationship with Alison.

She said that she loves her sister, but she also has to protect herself and her children from the drama and pain.

The Complexities of Family and Sisterhood

The story of Mariah Carey and Alison Carey is a story of contrast and conflict, but also love and hope.

It shows how two sisters, who share the same blood and talent, can have such different destinies and experiences.

It also shows how family dynamics and sisterhood can be complex and challenging, but also rewarding and healing.

The tragic story of Mariah Carey’s sister is not over yet, and maybe, just maybe, there is still a chance for a happy ending.

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