Matthew Brown siblings:Behind the reality tv show

Who are Matthew Brown siblings and where are they now? Discover the truth about the Alaskan Bush People family, their struggles.
Who are Matthew Brown siblings and where are they now? Discover the truth about the Alaskan Bush People family, their struggles.


Matthew Brown is a former reality TV star who appeared on the popular Discovery Channel show Alaskan Bush People.

The show follows the Brown family, who live a remote and rugged lifestyle in the wilderness of Alaska and Washington.

Matthew, or Matt, is the eldest of seven siblings, who are Gabriel, Bear, Noah, Joshua, Bird, and Rain.

In this article, we will reveal the latest information about Matt and his siblings, and what they are doing now.

We will also explore the tragic and controversial events that have shaped their lives and relationships.

Gabriel Brown

Gabriel, or Gabe, is the second oldest son of the Brown family, he is married to Raquell Rose, whom he met through his sister Rain.

They have a son named Wolf, who was born in 2020.

Gabe works as a carpenter and a hunter, and helps his family with their homestead projects.

He also enjoys fishing, hiking, and playing guitar.

Bear Brown

Bear is the third oldest son of the Brown family,he is known for his adventurous and energetic personality, and his love for nature and animals.

He is engaged to Raiven Adams, whom he met at his brother Noah’s wedding.

Bear and Raiven had a rocky relationship, and even broke up for a while, but they reconciled and are now planning to get married.

Bear also likes to write poetry, paint, and make videos for his fans.

Noah Brown

Noah is the fourth oldest son of the Brown family, he is the most tech-savvy and inventive of the siblings, and often creates gadgets and machines for the family.

He is married to Rhain Alisha, whom he met in Alaska.

They have a son named Elijah, who was born in 2019. Noah works as a mechanic and an engineer, and also enjoys reading, writing, and playing chess.

Joshua Brown

Joshua, or Bam Bam, is the fifth oldest son of the Brown family,he is the most practical and responsible of the siblings, and often takes care of the family’s finances and logistics.

He is in a relationship with Allison Kagan, who was a producer on the show.

They have been together since 2016, and live on a boat in South Carolina. Joshua likes to travel, cook, and watch movies.

Bird Brown

Bird, or Snowbird, is the oldest daughter of the Brown family, she is the most independent and free-spirited of the siblings, and loves to explore the wilderness and care for animals.

She has a pet cat, a pet dog, and several pet chickens.

She also has a boyfriend, whose name and details are unknown.

Bird works as a hunter and a trapper, and also likes to draw, sing, and dance.

Rain Brown

Rain is the youngest daughter and the baby of the Brown family, she is the most cheerful and optimistic of the siblings, and always tries to make everyone happy.

She has a passion for photography, fashion, and beauty, and often posts selfies and tutorials on her social media accounts.

She also has a boyfriend, Jacob, whom she met online.

Rain works as a cook and a gardener, and also likes to play video games, do yoga, and meditate.


Why did Matthew Brown leave the show?

Matthew Brown left the show in season 8 to focus on his recovery from alcohol addiction.

He entered rehab twice, in 2016 and 2018, and has been working on his sobriety ever since.

He also felt estranged from his family and wanted to find his own path in life.

What are Matthew Brown’s hobbies and interests?

Matthew Brown has a passion for art and creativity.

He likes to draw, paint, write poetry, and make videos, he also likes to read, watch movies, and play games.

He is interested in spirituality, philosophy, and psychology.

 What are some of the controversies and scandals involving Matthew Brown?

Matthew Brown has been involved in some controversies and scandals, such as:
His near-fatal accident in 2017, when a mason jar filled with gunpowder and cannon fuse exploded in his refrigerator, injuring his head.

His explosive allegations in 2019, when two women accused him of raping them in 2018, when he was staying at a hotel in Palmer, Alaska.

He denied the allegations and said that he had consensual sex with the women.

His feud with his father, Billy Brown, who reportedly cut him out of the show and the family’s income, which made Matthew feel betrayed and abandoned.



Matthew Brown siblings are a diverse and complex group of people, who have grown up in the spotlight of the reality TV show Alaskan Bush People.

They have faced many challenges and changes in their lives, such as addiction, injury, scandal, marriage, divorce, parenthood, and loss.

They have also developed different relationships with each other, some closer than others, some more strained than others

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