Matthew Perry’s Siblings: Exploring the Bonds Beyond ‘Friends’

Matthew Perry, known for his role in ‘Friends’, had five half-siblings from his parents’ subsequent marriages.

Born to John Bennett Perry and Suzanne Morrison, he was raised alongside his siblings after his parents’ divorce and subsequent remarriages.

A picture of Mathew Perry in the article of Mathew Perry's siblings.
Mathew Perry | Photo courtesy: Britannica

His mother, Suzanne, remarried journalist Keith Morrison, while his father, John, married Debbie. Together, Matthew’s parents had five more children.

Perry shared insights into his blended family in his memoir ‘Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing’.

He often attended events with his half-siblings, emphasizing the importance of family bonds.

Matthew Perry’s family expressed gratitude for the outpouring of love from fans following his passing at the age of 54.

Continue reading to know more about the siblings of Mathew and what has been said over the past few years.

Mathew Perry Siblings

Caitlin Morrison

Family Member Relationship to Perry Birth Year
Caitlin Morrison Half-sister 1981
Suzanne Mother
Keith Second husband of Suzanne

Caitlin Morrison, Perry’s half-sister, was born in 1981 to Suzanne and her second husband Keith when Perry was 10 years old.

In his memoir, Perry expressed immediate love for Caitlin upon her birth. However, as Suzanne and Keith expanded their family with more children, Perry felt increasingly disconnected, leading to rebellious behavior.

He felt overshadowed by the growing family dynamic and struggled to find his place.

This sense of alienation influenced his actions during his formative years.

Emily Morrison

A picture of Emily Morrison .
Emily Morrison | Photo courtesy: People

Matthew Perry’s half-sister, Emily Morrison, was born in 1985 to Suzanne and Keith.

In his memoir, Perry fondly describes her as “blond and cute as a button” and expressed immediate affection for her, similar to his relationship with his other sister, Caitlin. However, he struggled with feelings of not belonging within his blended family, frequently feeling like an outsider.

This led him to move to Los Angeles at the age of 15 to be with his father, a decision that ultimately kick-started his acting career.

Despite these challenges, Perry often attended events with Emily during his time on “Friends.” Notably, in 2000, she accompanied him to the premiere of “The Whole Nine Yards,” and the following year, both Emily and their mother joined Perry at an event honoring Garnet Bailey.

Maria Perry

Maria Perry was born in 1986 to Perry’s father and his second wife. Perry, who was an enthusiastic tennis player during his youth, recounted playing in a tournament while his father and his “new family” watched.

He described his father’s new wife as “a lovely woman” and “the catch of the century,” mentioning their daughter Maria, who is Perry’s half-sister.

Maria played a significant role in Perry’s life, especially during his health scare in 2019 when he was in a coma due to opioid overuse.

Despite initially not wanting to know the reason for his coma, Maria eventually informed him of the truth while he was in the hospital.

Perry referred to Maria as the “hub of the Perry family,” emphasizing her role in providing comfort and support during his difficult time.

Will Morrison

A picture of Mathew posing with his sibling Will Morrison.
Will Morrison | Photo courtesy: People

Matthew Perry and his partner Langford welcomed their third child, a son named Will, in 1987.

Despite limited information available about Perry’s half-brother, he emphasized the constant support of his siblings, including Will, throughout his life.

Perry expressed gratitude for their unwavering presence during both joyful and challenging times, whether it was during hospital visits or moments of shared laughter in various locations like Canada and Los Angeles.

Will notably joined his brother at a public event in November 2001, attending the premiere of “Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone” in Los Angeles.

Their appearance together on the red carpet showcased their bond as siblings.

Madeline Morrison

A picture of Madeline Morrison with Mathew Perry. One of Mathew Perry's siblings.
Madeline Morrison | Photo courtesy: People

Langford and Morrison had their fourth child, Madeline, in 1989. Perry, in his memoir, acknowledged Madeline’s support following his 2019 health scare.

In his recovery, he found solace in spending time with his sisters, including Madeline.

Despite initially avoiding discussion about his ordeal, Perry immersed himself in family, particularly bonding with Madeline, Emily, and Maria.

Madeline accompanied her brother to various red-carpet events, such as the premieres of “Spider-Man” in 2002 and “The Whole Ten Yards” in 2004.

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