MC Lyte’s Siblings- All About This Supportive Hip-Hop Family, Audio Two

MC Lyte’s Siblings

An image of MC Lyte
An image of MC Lyte/PHOTO COURTESY: Facebook

Did you know MC Lyte whose real name, is Lana Michele Moorer, the iconic female rapper, was the first woman to drop a full solo rap album?

Her groundbreaking work in the late 1980s paved the way for many female artists in hip-hop.

MC Lyte’s influence stretches far beyond her music.

Raised in Brooklyn, New York, she began rapping at just 12 years old, showing early promise in the male-dominated genre.

But did you know she also has deep ties to the hip-hop scene through her family?

Below I bring to you all you need to know about MC Lyte’s siblings, family and background.

MC Lyte’s Blood Siblings

There is no confirmed information available about MC Lyte having biological siblings.

However, she had close relationships with her neighbourhood friends Kirk (DJ Milk Dee) Robinson and Nat Robinson (DJ Gizmo) from the hip-hop duo group Audio Two, whom she considers like her brothers.

They played significant roles in her life and career, with Audio Two’s father, Nat Robinson, also being a father figure to her.

While these are not her biological siblings, they were instrumental in her upbringing and musical journey.

MC Lyte’s Musical Siblings

MC Lyte has musical siblings in the form of the hip-hop duo Audio Two, consisting of Milk Dee and DJ Gizmo.

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They’re like brothers to MC Lyte because they grew up together.

The father of Milk Dee and DJ Gizmo, Nat Robinson, started a record label called First Priority, where MC Lyte also got a contract.

Audio Two played a significant role in MC Lyte’s career, helping her get started in the music industry.

They provided support and guidance, and their label facilitated her entry into the music business.

Also, Milk Dee and DJ Gizmo taught MC Lyte how to rap, influencing her early development as an artist.

An image of DJ Gizmo
An image of DJ Gizmo/PHOTO COURTESY: Facebook

While focusing on MC Lyte’s career, it’s important to note that Audio Two had its own successes in the hip-hop scene, contributing to the broader landscape of the genre.


MC Lyte’s journey to the top wasn’t a solo act.

Her musical siblings, Milk Dee and DJ Gizmo, played a big role in her early career and development.

From family support to creative influence, they were there to see her shine.


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