Meet Justin Bieber’s Siblings: Discover More About His Family

Justin Bieber is a famous singer known worldwide.

He has been successful for a long time and is considered one of the best in pop music.

His hit song “Baby” made him popular, and he continues to change and improve his music.

We know a lot about Justin, like his music and relationships, but we don’t know much about his brothers and sisters.

Justin Bieber’s siblings are important to him and keep him down to earth.

Discover Justin Bieber’s siblings from the oldest to the youngest and their close bond with the pop icon.

Learn about the family ties that keep Justin grounded despite his global success.

An Image of Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber. Photo Source (Wikipedia)

Justin Bieber (March 1, 1994 – Present)

 Age: 29
 Born: Ontario, Canada
 Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Musician
 Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Justin Bieber is the oldest and most famous of his family.

He became famous at 13 on YouTube for his mix of pop, R&B, and EDM music.

He released his first EP “My World” in 2009 with the help of Scooter Braun and Usher.

Since then, he has faced a lot of attention and has been open about his mental health struggles.

Despite this, he has many fans and has won several awards, showing that he is still popular after all these years.

An Image of Justin Bieber in a Concert
Justin Bieber in a Concert

Allie Bieber (April 7, 2007 – Present)

 Age: 16
 Born: Canada
 Occupation: N/A
 Zodiac Sign: Aries

She is the second of Justin Bieber’s siblings.

Allie Rebelo, also known as Allie Bieber, is Justin’s half-sister.

She is Jeremy Bieber and Chelsey Rebelo’s daughter and is close to the whole Bieber family.

Unlike her brother, she lives a private life and doesn’t often appear in the public eye, except for occasional posts on her mother’s or brother’s social media.

An Image of Allie Bieber
Allie Bieber

 Jazmyn Bieber (May 31, 2008 – Present)

 Age: 15
 Born: Canada
 Occupation: N/A
 Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Jazmyn Bieber is Justin Bieber’s younger half-sister.

She is the daughter of Jeremy and Erin Wagner and grew up in Ontario.

She has been a big supporter of her brother and has traveled with him worldwide.

Apart from being Justin’s sister, she has a popular YouTube channel and over 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Her parents and management team run her Instagram account, sharing posts about her daily life.

An Image of Jazmyn Bieber
Jazmyn Bieber

Jaxon Bieber (November 20, 2009 – Present)

 Age: 13
 Born: Canada
 Occupation: N/A
 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Jaxon Bieber, also called Little Bieber, is Justin Bieber’s half-brother.

His parents are Jeremy Bieber and Erin Wagner.

Like his older sister Jazmyn, Jaxon has many followers on social media, with over 1 million.

He enjoys normal kid things like playing video games, hanging out with friends, traveling, and playing sports.

An Image of Jaxon Bieber
Jaxon Bieber

Bay Bieber (August 16, 2018 – Present)

Bay Bieber is the youngest in the Bieber family at 5 years old.

She is Jeremy Bieber and Chelsey Rebelo’s daughter.

A photo of her shared by Justin on Instagram got over 8 million likes in 2020, making her famous.

We don’t know much about Bay because she’s only 3, but her siblings love her, and Justin proudly shows her off on social media.

An Image of Bay Bieber
Bay Bieber


Justin Bieber’s journey to fame has been impressive, but his family, especially his siblings, is essential to him.

Each of them has their own story.

Justin Bieber’s siblings keep him grounded despite his success.

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