Meet Sharon Stone’s Sister: The Inspiring Journey of Kelly Stone Singer!

Sharon Stone’s Sister: The Untold Story of Kelly Stone Singer

Sharon Stone, renowned for her iconic roles in Hollywood classics like Basic Instinct and Casino, has a lesser known but equally talented sister in the spotlight.

Meet Kelly Stone Singer, a gifted singer-songwriter with a remarkable story of her own.

In this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about Sharon Stone’s sister.

From her childhood to her career, to her recent battle with COVID-19.

Sharon Stone and her sister Kelly Stone Singer smiling together.
Sisters in strength: Sharon Stone and Kelly Stone Singer share a bond that transcends Hollywood, inspiring resilience and support. [PHOTO: Hawtcelebs]

Growing Up with Sharon

Kelly Stone Singer, born in 1961, hails from Meadville, Pennsylvania, arriving four years after her renowned sister Sharon.

Growing up in a Catholic household with two brothers, Michael and Patrick, Kelly and Sharon shared a tight bond.

Their upbringing revolved around music, with their grandmother imparting piano skills to Kelly.

And the siblings often harmonizing together in their basement, using makeshift microphones.

Saegertown High School was the backdrop for their formative years.

Where Kelly shone as a cheerleader, student council member, and newspaper editor, while Sharon garnered attention as a beauty queen, model, and valedictorian.

Despite their shared aspirations for entertainment careers, their paths began to diverge post-graduation.

Pursuing Music and Love

While Sharon pursued modeling and acting in New York, Kelly stayed in Pennsylvania, studying journalism at Edinboro University.


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She formed a band called Kelly and the Stone Age, performing locally and recording demos.

After meeting her husband Bruce Singer in 1984, they moved to Montana, where Kelly balanced reporting with raising their two sons.

In the 1990s, Kelly reignited her music career, releasing her debut album “Fly Away” in 1996.

She collaborated with Sharon on “Come Together Now,” a tribute to 9/11 victims, while supporting her sister’s career alongside her charitable endeavors.

Facing Challenges and Triumphs

Kelly’s life shifted dramatically in 2001 with a lupus diagnosis, bringing challenges like joint pain, fatigue, and kidney problems.

Despite struggles with medications and side effects, she found strength in family, friends, and faith.

In 2020, Kelly and her husband battled COVID-19, with Sharon sharing their ordeal on social media, highlighting the importance of safety measures.

After weeks in the hospital, they recovered, marking a triumph against the virus.

Amidst her health battles, Kelly authored “Lupus: Everything You Need to Know” in 2009.

Also, becoming an advocate for lupus awareness alongside her sister Sharon, who supports Lupus LA.


Kelly Stone Singer, beyond being Sharon Stone’s sister, is a multifaceted talent—a singer, songwriter, devoted wife, and mother.

She’s faced and conquered challenges as a lupus warrior and a COVID-19 survivor.

An author and activist, Kelly inspires with her resilience and close bond with Sharon, making her an inspiration worth celebrating.

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