Meet the Elusive 3rd Kelce Brother: Exploring Shawn Kelce’s Story

Does Shawn Kelce, the elusive third Kelce brother, exist? Discover his family connections with NFL stars Jason and Travis Kelce.

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Shawn Kelce
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Get to Know Shawn Kelce

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Shawn Kelce, the lesser-known third brother in the Kelce family, resides in the shadow of his NFL-star younger siblings, Jason and Travis Kelce.

Recently, around February, he gained some recognition, primarily due to a TikTok video featuring him and his mother, Donna Kelce.

In the video, Shawn humorously discusses the challenges of being the “third Kelce brother,” highlighting that it can be tough at times.

Despite his family’s fame, Shawn has maintained a low profile in the public eye and prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

He mentioned having his own podcast named “Kelcecast,” although it remains relatively obscure compared to his brothers’ podcast, “New Heights.”

Most listeners stumble upon “Kelcecast” accidentally while searching for Travis and Jason Kelce’s podcast.

Who are Shawn Kelce’s Parents

Shawn, Jason, and Travis Kelce originate from the union of Ed and Donna Kelce, who initially crossed paths in an unexpected twist of fate.

Donna encountered Ed while en route to another rendezvous, sparking the beginning of their love story.

Despite eventually parting ways through divorce, they maintained a strong friendship.

Presently, Ed calls a residence near Philadelphia his home, while Donna resides in Orlando, Florida.

The Eldest Kelce Brother

Shawn Kelce stands as the eldest among the Kelce brothers, with both Jason and Travis trailing behind as his younger siblings.

While specific details about Shawn Kelce’s age remain undisclosed within the provided information, it is unmistakable that he leads the birth order ahead of his NFL-star brothers.

This positioning solidifies his role as the older brother within the Kelce family, a renowned household known for its exceptional football talent and unwavering camaraderie.

Thus, Shawn Kelce’s position as the elder sibling not only underscores his familial dynamics but also emphasizes the significance of his role within the Kelce lineage, highlighting the family’s legacy in the realm of professional football.

How Old is Shawn Kelce

Although specific details about Shawn Kelce’s age remain undisclosed, it is evident that he occupies the role of the eldest sibling among the Kelce brothers.

This implies that he surpasses both Jason and Travis Kelce in age.


Shawn Kelce’s career details remain undisclosed; however, we can delve into the professional trajectory of his better-known younger brother, Jason Kelce.

Jason commenced his journey in professional football upon being drafted by the National Football League’s Philadelphia Eagles.

His path to success was forged by remarkable displays of skill during his high school and college football endeavors. Of significant note is his selection by the Eagles in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, marking a pivotal moment in his career.

Jason Kelce Career

In his second NFL season, Jason Kelce made history by starting in every game.

His remarkable abilities on the field led to his selection for two Pro Bowls, and in 2017, he received the prestigious First Team All-Pro distinction.

Beyond his athletic achievements, Jason Kelce is renowned for delivering an inspirational speech during the Philadelphia Eagles’ victory parade for Super Bowl LII.

In March 2021, Jason Kelce made the announcement of his retirement from professional football, concluding an illustrious 11-season career.

Throughout his tenure in the NFL, he garnered widespread acclaim for his exceptional performance and significant contributions to the sport, leaving behind a lasting legacy in American football.

What is Shawn Kelce Net Worth

Shawn Kelce’s net worth remains undisclosed, differing from the situation of his NFL-star brothers, Jason and Travis.

Shawn opts for a more reserved public presence, keeping his financial affairs private. Consequently, there is a lack of publicly available information to gauge his net worth.

While the Kelce family is renowned for their accomplishments in professional football, with Jason and Travis attaining considerable fame and financial prosperity, Shawn’s financial standing remains unaccounted for.


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