Megan Phelps-Roper’s Siblings: Who Are the Siblings of the former Westboro Baptist Church goer?

An image of Megan Phelps-Roper's Siblings
Megan Phelps-Roper’s Siblings/PHOTO: Facebook

Megan Phelps-Roper has eleven siblings, some of whom remain involved with the Westboro Baptist Church while others have left and taken different paths.

The Phelps-Roper siblings are:

  1. Megan Phelps-Roper
  2. Grace Phelps-Roper
  3. Rebekah Phelps-Roper
  4. Noah Phelps-Roper
  5. Zach Phelps-Roper
  6. Joshua Phelps-Roper
  7. Samuel Phelps-Roper
  8. Isaiah Phelps-Roper
  9. Gabriel Phelps-Roper
  10. Jonah Phelps-Roper
  11. Luke Phelps-Roper

She is known for her journey from extremism to activism.

Megan Roper was born into the infamous Westboro Baptist Church.

She was raised in a family deeply rooted in the church’s radical ideology.

Her grandfather, Fred Phelps was the founder of the group.

Megan’s siblings also grew up in this environment, shaping their lives and beliefs.

Megan Phelps-Roper’s Siblings: Life, Roles, and Current Stance on Westboro Baptist Church

Megan Phelps-Roper’s siblings have played significant roles within the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC).

They, like her, have experienced their own journeys regarding the church’s ideology.

1. Grace Phelps-Roper

Grace, Megan’s younger sister, was deeply involved in the activities of the WBC alongside Megan.

As part of the Phelps family, she participated in:

  • Picketing events and demonstrations organized by the church
  • Advocating its extreme views

However, like Megan, Grace eventually began to question the church’s teachings and its approach to various issues.

This led to her decision to leave the church along with Megan in 2012.

Grace has since been vocal about her experiences within the church and her journey towards leaving it.

Together with Megan, she has engaged in outreach efforts to promote understanding and healing.

An image of Megan and Grace Phelps-Roper
An image of Megan and Grace Phelps-Roper/PHOTO: Instagram

2. Zacharias Phelps-Roper

Zacharias is another of Megan’s siblings who grew up within the Westboro Baptist Church.

Specific details about his involvement in the church’s activities are not as widely documented as Megan’s and Grace’s.

However, it is known that he was part of the Phelps family’s presence at various protests and events organized by the church.

After Megan and Grace depart from the church, Zacharias’ stance on the church’s ideology and his current activities are not as publicly known.

He may have faced challenges in reconciling his upbringing within the church with his evolving beliefs and values.

Other Siblings

Here’s an overview of Megan’s other siblings’ roles within the church, and their current stand on its ideology.

  • Rachel Phelps

Rachel, like many of her siblings, was actively involved in the church’s protests and administrative activities.

She remains with the Westboro Baptist Church and continues to support and participate in its activities.

  • Rebekah Phelps-Roper

Rebekah was involved in the church’s legal and protest activities.

She often appeared in media representing the church.

Rebekah is still a member of WBC and upholds its teachings and practices.

  • Noah Phelps-Roper

Noah participated in protests and other church-related activities from a young age.

He is still part of WBC, adhering to its beliefs and participating in its campaigns.

  • Samuel Phelps-Roper

Samuel, like his siblings, was actively engaged in the church’s protest activities.

He remains committed to the church’s ideology and activities.

  • Elijah Phelps-Roper

Elijah took part in the church’s public demonstrations and other activities.

He is still part of the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • Jonathon Phelps-Roper

Jonathon was involved in the church’s protests and doctrinal promotions.

He is still part of the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • Josh Phelps-Roper

Josh was active in the church’s picketing and other events. His role was similar to his siblings in promoting the church’s doctrine.

He is still part of the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • Gabriel Phelps-Roper

Gabriel participated in the church’s various protest activities and disseminated its doctrine.

He is still part of the Westboro Baptist Church.

An image of the Westboro Baptist Church
An image of the Westboro Baptist Church/PHOTO: Facebook


Megan Phelps-Roper and her siblings show how complicated families in extremist groups can be.

Megan and Grace have found new paths and become advocates for change.

However, their siblings who remain in the WBC continue to uphold the church’s controversial beliefs.

This split highlights the powerful influence of upbringing.

It also shows the personal courage required to break away from deeply ingrained ideologies.


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