Melissa Joan Hart Siblings: The Family Ties of a TV Icon

Melissa Joan Hart siblings

Meet Melissa Joan Hart, the famous actress from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “Drive Me Crazy.”

But did you know she’s not the only star in her family?

Melissa is the oldest of five siblings.

Born on April 18, 1976, in Long Island, New York, to Paula and William Hart, she started her acting journey at just four years old.

Guess what? The acting bug didn’t stop with Melissa.

Her younger siblings also caught the acting bug and tried their hands at the spotlight.

Let’s unravel the story of Melissa Joan Hart’s siblings and discover the family’s connection to the world of acting.

A heartwarming image featuring Melissa Joan Hart and her talented siblings, capturing the essence of family bonds and shared adventures.
The Hart family magic: Melissa Joan Hart and her siblings create a captivating story, blending talent, love, and the joy of shared adventures in the world of entertainment. [PHOTO: Superbhub]

Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart is an American actress, producer, and director, best known for her roles in popular television shows such as “Clarissa Explains It All” and “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”

She was born on April 18, 1976, in Smithtown, New York, USA.

Her breakthrough came with the Nickelodeon series “Clarissa Explains It All,” where she played the title role.

However, she gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Sabrina Spellman in the hit sitcom “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” which aired from 1996 to 2003.

She has been involved in various projects, including films like “The Watcher in the Woods” and “The Santa Con.”

Throughout her career, Hart has remained a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, known for her versatility and contributions to both television and film.

In 2003, Melissa married musician Mark Wilkerson.

They’re happily raising three kids.

Fun fact: She’s the first celeb to win $1 million on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, donating it all to her charity, Youth Villages.

Our favorite teenage witch making a difference!

Trisha Hart

Meet Trisha Hart, the second eldest in the Hart family.

Born on May 29, 1978, she’s an actress and producer who graduated from Ohio State University.

At 44, Trisha has shared the screen with her sister Melissa in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”.

And is known for her role in the 1998 film “Silencing Mary” and appearing on “Celebrity Family Feud” in 2008.

In July 2015, Trisha married Josue Portillo, and the couple has a lovely daughter named Aviana Louise Portillo, born on June 7, 2016.

Family, career, and a bit of Hollywood magic—Trisha’s story unfolds with warmth and charm.

Elizabeth Hart

Meet Elizabeth Hart, the third eldest in the Hart family, born on September 25, 1980, in Pt. Jefferson, New York.

Following her sister’s lead, she became an actress, known for roles in “Drive Me Crazy,” “The Right Connections,” and “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”

In her personal life, Elizabeth is a wife and mom of two.

She married Warren Savage on May 18, 2003, and they have two sons, Christopher and Jonathan.

Beyond her family, Elizabeth is also a proud owner of three dogs with fun names: Bruno, Lola, and Peakley.

Fun fact: You might catch a glimpse of the boys in the 2014 TV movie “The Santa Con,” making special appearances alongside their mom.

Brian Hart

Brian Hart, the only son of Paula and William Hart, was born on May 19, 1984, in Long Island, New York.

Affectionately known as “Booger” by his elder sister Melissa, Brian ventured into acting, with credits in films like “The Right Connections,” “The Santa Con,” and “Sweet Harts.”

In September 2015, Brian tied the knot with Giovanna Augello, and the couple is now proud parents of two children.

Explore the world of Brian Hart, where family bonds and a touch of Hollywood magic come together.


Emily Hart

Meet Emily Hart, the youngest sibling born on May 2, 1986.

Apart from Melissa, she’s one of the most well-known among the five kids.

Emily started acting at just 4 years old in the Broadway production of The Who’s Tommy.

Her talent earned her recognition at the Young Artist Awards for roles in The Right Connections.

And Sabrina the Teenage Witch, where she played Sabrina’s younger cousin Amanda for eight episodes over seven seasons.

In 1999, Emily became the voice of Sabrina Spellman in Sabrina: The Animated Series, winning another Young Artist Award for her voice role.

She played a teen-aged Shirley Temple in the 2001 TV film Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story.

Although she starred in films like Raising Helen, Mute, and Nine Dead, Emily stopped acting after 2005 and transitioned to working in casting departments for film productions.

Since September 2013, Emily has been happily married to Alex Madar, and the couple has two sons.

Dive into the fascinating world of Emily Hart, where talent, family, and a journey in the film industry come together.



In the enchanting world of Melissa Joan Hart’s siblings, each member brings a unique spark to the family tapestry.

From Trisha’s acting endeavors and Elizabeth’s screen charm to Brian’s ventures into Hollywood, they form a dynamic ensemble.

Emily, the youngest, began her acting journey early and transitioned seamlessly into casting.

As the Hart family navigates the realms of entertainment, love, and shared adventures, their stories weave a captivating narrative.

From the screen to the stage and behind the scenes, Melissa Joan Hart’s siblings showcase a blend of talent, family bonds.

Indeed, and a touch of magic that defines their remarkable journey in showbiz.

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