Michael Rockefeller Siblings: The untold Story of the Rockfeller Family

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Michael Rockefeller Siblings. Photo: Siblings Archive

Michael Rockefeller (1938–1961) was the fifth child of Nelson and Mary Rockefeller.

He was the third son among seven siblings, and he had a twin sister named Mary

A graduate of Harvard University, he served in the U.S. Army before embarking on an expedition to study indigenous tribes in New Guinea.

Rockefeller disappeared during the expedition, and his fate remains unknown, leading to various speculations and theories.

But do you know anything about any of his siblings?

Mary Rockefeller Morgan

Mary Rockefeller Morgan, a licensed psychotherapist and certified imagery guide, specializes in twin loss and bereavement counseling.

In 1961, her twin brother, Michael Rockefeller, disappeared in New Guinea.

Mary, along with her father, then-governor Nelson A. Rockefeller, embarked on a fruitless search.

Mary’s memoir recounts her 27-year struggle to confront grief, find personal identity, and heal spiritually, emphasizing her work helping others cope with twin loss.

In her honest and emotional memoir, Mary R. Morgan shares her journey to find her own identity and face the loss of her twin brother, Michael.

She openly talks about her healing process, moving forward with new beginnings, and finding meaning in helping others who have lost a twin.

The story begins in 1961, when Michael went missing in New Guinea, marking a significant change in Mary’s life.

She vividly recalls the moment, describing her family’s dynamics and the emotional impact of the news.

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Mary RockFeller. Photo: Facebook

Mark Fitler Rockefeller

Born on January 26, 1967, Mark Fitler Rockefeller is part of the fourth generation of the Rockefeller family.

He is the younger son of former U.S. Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller and Happy Rockefeller.

As the grandson of John D. Rockefeller Jr. and the great-grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D. Rockefeller, Mark has a notable family lineage.

In 2010, he served as chairman of the board of directors for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Mark Fitler Rockefeller and his former wife own South Fork Lodge and South Fork Outfitters in Swan Valley, Idaho.

Before this, he worked as an associate in the Acquisition Finance Group at Chase Securities, Inc.

In 2013, it was reported that Rockefeller received $342,634 in farm subsidies from 2001 to 2011 for allowing farmland to return to its natural condition.

Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller

Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (July 8, 1908 – January 26, 1979) was an American politician and businessman.

As a liberal Republican, he served as the 41st Vice President of the United States from December 1974 to January 1977.

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Nelson Rockefeller. Photo: Wikipedia

Before his vice presidential role, he was the 49th governor of New York from 1959 to 1973 and held positions such as assistant secretary of state for American Republic Affairs and undersecretary of health, education, and welfare.

Before entering politics, Rockefeller was a businessman.

He served as president and later chair of Rockefeller Center, Inc., and established the International Basic Economy Corporation in 1947.

Additionally, he played key roles at the Museum of Modern Art, serving as trustee, treasurer, and president, and founded the Museum of Primitive Art in 1954.

As a member of the wealthy Rockefeller family and the grandson of billionaire John D. Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller was part of one of the most affluent and influential families in the United States.

Alongside his political career, he was an art collector and administered the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, New York City.

Rodman Clark Rockefeller

Rodman Clark Rockefeller (May 2, 1932 – May 14, 2000) was an American businessman and philanthropist, belonging to the fourth generation of the Rockefeller family.

Born in Manhattan, New York, he was the eldest son of former U.S. Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller.

Rodman was educated at Deerfield Academy and Dartmouth College, earning a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business Administration.

He actively served as the vice president and chief executive of the International Basic Economy Corporation, a genetics and agribusiness company founded by his father, throughout his career

Rodman was involved in the Mexico-United States Business Committee, contributing to the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

He received honors such as the Order of the Aztec Eagle from Mexico.

Rodman Rockefeller was on the board of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, served as chairman of Pocantico Associates, and held trustee roles in various institutions, including the Institute of International Education, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, the Museum of Modern Art, the Americas Society, and the New York Blood Center.

Steven Clark Rockefeller

Steven Clark Rockefeller, born on April 19, 1936, is an American professor and philanthropist, part of the fourth generation of the Rockefeller family.

He served as the dean of Middlebury College in Vermont and is actively involved in education, planned parenthood, human rights, and environmental causes.

Rockefeller has contributed to organizations like the Asian Cultural Council and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

He holds a prominent position on the Earth Charter Commission and has been influential in international initiatives for sustainable development.

Steven Rockefeller’s personal life includes marriages to Anne-Marie Rasmussen, Dori Selene Liles, and Barbara Bellows, with children from his first marriage, including Steven III, Christian Aldrich, and Kayla.

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