More Than Pennywise: The Skarsgård Siblings Dynasty

Bill Skarsgård, the chilling Pennywise from the “It” films, has captivated audiences with his chameleon-like acting skills. But did you know he’s just one branch on a sprawling family tree of acting talent? The Skarsgård siblings are a Swedish acting dynasty, boasting eight siblings with a combined filmography as impressive as Bill’s Pennywise grin. Let’s delve into this “sibling act” and meet the rest of the Skarsgård clan:

The Elder Brothers

  • Alexander Skarsgård: The eldest and arguably best-known internationally, Alexander has starred in HBO’s “True Blood” and the Hollywood blockbuster “Tarzan.” His charm and acting prowess have made him a heartthrob and leading man for years.
  • Gustaf Skarsgård: Following in his father Stellan’s footsteps, Gustaf has built a strong career in Swedish cinema and television. He recently starred in the Netflix series “Black Mirror” and the Danish thriller “Den onde.”
  • Sam Skarsgård: The family comedian, Sam, has carved his niche in Swedish comedy and theater. He’s also dabbled in directing and screenwriting, proving his versatility within the arts.

The Middle Bunch

  • Bill Skarsgård: Our Pennywise himself, Bill has established himself as a rising star in Hollywood with his diverse portrayals, from the terrifying clown to the emotionally complex Prince Egon in “The Painted Bird.”
  • Eija Skarsgård: The sole sister in the bunch, Eija is carving her own path in filmmaking. She works behind the camera as a director and assistant director, while also venturing into acting herself.

The Young Ones

  • Valter Skarsgård: Still in his early twenties, Valter has already dipped his toes into acting, appearing alongside his brother Bill in the Swedish film “Bränn Alla Mina Brev.” His future in the industry promises much excitement.
  • Ossian & Kolbjörn Skarsgård: The youngest Skarsgårds, Ossian and Kolbjörn, are still exploring their interests. Ossian, however, has already shown acting promise, appearing in “Bränn Alla Mina Brev” with his brother Bill.

Notable Achievements

Sibling Birthdate Notable Achievements
Bill Skarsgård August 9, 1990 – Critically acclaimed for his portrayal of Pennywise in “It” (2017).
– Known for his versatile and compelling performances in various film and television projects.
– Earned a dedicated fan following for his ability to bring depth to complex characters.
Alexander Skarsgård August 25, 1976 – Won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in “Big Little Lies” (2017).
– Gained international recognition for his role as Eric Northman in the TV series “True Blood.”
– Nominated for and won several awards for his outstanding contributions to film and television.
Gustaf Skarsgård November 12, 1980 – Renowned for his role as Floki in the historical drama series “Vikings.”
– Known for his ability to portray eccentric characters with authenticity.
– Contributed to various film and television projects, showcasing his versatility as an actor.
Sam Skarsgård June 5, 1982 – Rising star in the entertainment industry, steadily building a reputation for himself.
– Although less known than his brothers, has showcased promising talent in various projects.
– Continues to make strides in the industry, with potential for future notable achievements.


The Skarsgård siblings aren’t just a collection of talented individuals; they’re a true acting dynasty, each member contributing their unique skills and personalities to the world of cinema and theater.

Their supportive and competitive environment has undoubtedly fueled their individual successes, creating a legacy that extends far beyond Bill’s chilling Pennywise.

So, the next time you see a Skarsgård name on a movie poster, remember – it’s not just another actor. It’s part of a rich family tapestry woven with generations of talent, passion, and a whole lot of sibling love (and maybe a little friendly rivalry).

And who knows, maybe one day we’ll see a Skarsgård siblings film – imagine the box office draw! Now that’s a horror movie Pennywise wouldn’t even dare to dream of.

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