MrBeasts Brother: The Truth Behind His Name Change and YouTube Career

In this article, we are going to talk about MrBeasts Brother.

You probably know MrBeast, the YouTube sensation who gives away millions of dollars and pulls off insane stunts.

But do you know his brother, CJ Donaldson, who also makes YouTube videos?

If not, you’re missing out on some juicy drama and secrets.

CJ Donaldson, formerly known as MrBro, is the elder brother of Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast.

He started his YouTube channel in August 2019, after appearing in one of MrBeast’s videos, where he was given $100,000 to spend in 24 hours.

He gained a whopping 1 million subscribers in just one day, thanks to his brother’s popularity.

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MrBeasts Brother Meet Charles “CJ” Donaldson.
Image Credits: Charles/instagram

Early Life and Background

Charles “CJ” Donaldson, the brother of Mr. Beast, was born in the United States on April 26, 1996, and shares a similar history, even though his name hasn’t gained the same level of fame.

From an early age, both brothers shared a passion for creating content, having grown up in a close-knit and supportive home.

Their early years were full of imagination, adventures, and a desire to learn more about the digital world.

The Rise and Fall of MrBro

However, CJ’s journey on YouTube faced challenges that were not as smooth as he had anticipated.

Many fans accused him of imitating MrBeast’s content, style, and thumbnail design, labeling him and his team as “the budget MrBeast team.”

Criticism mounted for allegedly capitalizing on his brother’s fame.

In defense, CJ asserted that he was simply creating content for enjoyment and claimed to have his brother’s approval to use similar ideas.

He emphasized that his intention was not to compete but to collaborate with MrBeast.

Despite his explanations, the negative feedback persisted, leading CJ to take a break from YouTube in October 2020.

His hiatus left fans curious about the reasons behind his absence.

What happened to Mr Beast Brother, CjTheseDays?

An image of CJ Donaldson MrBeasts Brother
CJ Donaldson has changed his name from MrBro to CjTheseDays.
Source: YouTube

In April 2021, CJ staged a comeback with an unexpected announcement: a rebranding from MrBro to CjTheseDays.

His motivation was to establish his own identity and fan base, distancing himself from reliance on his brother’s name.

While expressing gratitude to MrBeast for the initial support in his YouTube journey, he emphasized his desire to pursue an independent path.

CJ outlined his intention to create more diverse and original content, encompassing IRL videos, challenges, pranks, and vlogs.

He hoped for continued support from his fans in this new direction.

However, his return was brief, consisting of only four videos under the new name before another hiatus.

His last video, dated June 5, 2021, marked his silence on YouTube since then.

The New Venture of CJTheseGames

What is CJ doing at the moment? He hasn’t given up entirely on YouTube, either.

He has uploaded videos of himself playing Minecraft on a new channel he created named CJTheseGames.

Since the channel’s June 7, 2022 launch, more than 90K subscriptions and 1.2 million views have been received.

CJ appears to take pleasure in communicating with his fans and playing Minecraft.

He also works with Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and Sapnap, among other Minecraft YouTubers.

He declared that he wanted to create more gaming videos in the future because he likes the game and the community.


Within the expansive realm of YouTube, MrBeasts Brother has established himself as a significant presence.

Through distinctive content, compelling narratives, and charitable initiatives, he has secured a position among the most impactful creators.

As he progresses on his journey, he is bound to enthrall audiences and motivate others to pursue their aspirations.

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