Muhammad Ali siblings, Meet his Brother

We are going to talk about Muhammad Ali Siblings, Ali originally known as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., remains an iconic figure in boxing history and a notable advocate for civil rights.

Alongside his renowned boxing career, he shared a special bond with his younger brother, Rahaman Ali, who not only stood as his sparring partner but also supported him through life’s challenges.

An Image of Muhamad Ali
Muhammad Ali, originally known as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.

Who Is Rahaman Ali

Raham Ali, who also goes by Rahaman Ali, is a retired American heavyweight boxer and the younger sibling of Muhammad Ali, renowned as one of boxing’s legends.

Born Rudolph Arnett Clay in July 1943, Raham adopted his new name upon embracing the Nation of Islam alongside his brother.

Serving as both a sparring partner and a trusted confidant to Muhammad Ali, Rahaman remained closely intertwined with his brother’s journey in both boxing and life.

He penned two books delving into his brother’s life, offering intimate anecdotes and reflections. Currently, Raham resides in Kentucky with his wife, Caroline.

An image of Rahaman Ali
Rahaman Ali and his Wife

Rahaman Ali Career

The younger sibling of the iconic boxer and advocate for civil rights, Muhammad Ali, was also a seasoned professional boxer in the heavyweight category.

With a record of 14 wins, 3 losses, and a draw, he made significant contributions to the sport.

Serving as Muhammad Ali’s sparring partner and steadfast ally throughout his journey, Rahaman’s bond with his brother extended beyond the ring.

After a knockout by Jack O’Halloran in 1972, Rahaman decided to retire from boxing.

Subsequently, he penned two books detailing his personal anecdotes and perspectives on his brother’s life and legacy.

Rahaman Ali Achievements

Rahaman Ali, the younger sibling of the legendary boxer and civil rights icon Muhammad Ali, also pursued a career in professional boxing, competing in the heavyweight division.

He achieved notable success with 14 victories, 3 losses, and one draw.

Throughout his career, Rahaman delivered seven knockouts while enduring one himself, culminating in his retirement after consecutive defeats, notably by Jack O’Halloran.

Beyond the ring, Rahaman chronicled his brother’s life in two books, offering intimate narratives and reflections.

He played a pivotal role as Muhammad Ali’s sparring partner and steadfast companion, supporting him both in his athletic pursuits and advocacy for civil rights.

Rahaman’s unwavering support was integral to Muhammad Ali’s ascent to becoming one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Rahaman Ali Biography

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Rahaman Ali Biography


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