Naomi Osaka’s Sister- Who Is Mari Osaka?

Naomi Osaka’s sister

An image of Naomi Osaka
An image of Naomi Osaka/PHOTO: Facebook

Naomi Osaka, a renowned tennis player, is not the only gem in the Osaka family.

Her sister, Mari Osaka, has also made headlines in the world of sports and beyond.

In this article, I give you a glimpse into the life of Mari Osaka, her achievements in tennis, her decision to retire, her current pursuits in fashion design, and the special bond she shares with her sister.

Who is Mari Osaka?

Mari Osaka, born on April 3, 1996, is the older sister of Naomi Osaka.

Growing up in a family infused with a love for tennis, Mari was inspired to pursue the sport.

Although not as widely recognized as her sister, Mari has carved her path in the tennis world and beyond.

An image of Mari Osaka
An image of Mari Osaka/PHOTO: Instagram

Mari’s Tennis Career

Mari Osaka’s career showcases her determination and talent on the court.

Her achievements include notable rankings in both singles and doubles competitions.

While she may not have attained the same level of success as her younger sister, Mari’s dedication to the sport cannot be overlooked.

However, in 2020, Mari Osaka decided to step away from professional tennis.

Though unexpected to some, this choice allowed her to explore new opportunities and discover her true passion outside of the sport.

Many respected her courage to embrace change and forge her path.

Naomi Osaka Sister

Current Pursuits

After retiring from tennis, Mari Osaka shifted her focus to her interest in fashion design.

She has expressed a desire to create her clothing line and make her mark in the fashion industry.

Also, Mari has collaborated with her sister, Naomi, on various projects, showcasing their strong bond both on and off the court.

Beyond their achievements, the bond between Mari and Naomi Osaka is truly remarkable.

They support and inspire each other, celebrating their victories as a team.

Their sisterly connection goes beyond tennis, as they navigate both personal and professional endeavours together.


Mari Osaka, the older sister of tennis sensation Naomi Osaka, may not have gained the same level of recognition, but her impact is undeniable.

From her tennis career to her current pursuits in fashion design, Mari continues to carve her unique path.

The bond between the Osaka sisters is a testament to their shared values and support for one another.

As Mari Osaka embraces new opportunities, her journey inspires us all to pursue our passions.


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