Napoleon Dynamite Brother: The Untold Story of Kip Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is a cult classic film that follows the hilarious adventures of a nerdy teenager and his quirky family and friends in rural Idaho.

One of the most iconic characters in the film is Napoleon’s older brother, who spends his days chatting with his online girlfriend, training to be a cage fighter, and selling Tupperware with his uncle Rico.

But who is Napoleon Dynamite brother, and what is his backstory?

An infographic on Napoleon Dynamite Brother
An infographic on Napoleon Dynamite Brother

Who is Kip Dynamite?

Kip Dynamite is the 32-year-old brother of Napoleon Dynamite, the protagonist of the film.

He is played by Aaron Ruell, who is also a director and photographer.

Kip is a socially awkward and geeky character who lives with his grandmother and Napoleon in a rundown farmhouse.

He has a thin frame, a curly mullet, and a mustache.

Kip wears glasses, a polo shirt, and khaki pants.

He speaks with a nasal and monotone voice and often uses slang and catchphrases, such as “dang it,” “sweet,” and “your mom goes to college.”.

What is Kip Dynamite’s personality?

Kip Dynamite is a lazy and selfish character who does not have a job or a hobby, except for surfing the internet and playing video games.

He is obsessed with his online girlfriend, LaFawnduh, whom he met in a chat room.

He is also easily influenced by his uncle Rico, who convinces him to join his scheme of selling plastic bowls and herbal breast enhancers.

Kip Dynamite is often rude and sarcastic to his brother Napoleon, whom he considers to be a loser and a burden.

He also lies and exaggerates about his achievements and skills, such as being a cage fighter, a rapper, and a hacker.

The relationship between Napoleon Dynamite and the Brother

Napoleon Dynamite and his brother, Kip, are the main characters of the 2004 comedy film “Napoleon Dynamite.”.

They are both socially awkward and nerdy, and they live with their grandmother in a rural town in Idaho.

They often argue and insult each other, but they also support each other in their endeavors.

Kip is older than Napoleon, but he is more immature and lazy.

He spends his time chatting with his online girlfriend, LaFawnduh, and selling plastic bowls with his uncle Rico.

Napoleon is more adventurous and creative, but he is also more bullied and lonely.

He makes friends with Pedro and Deb, and he helps Pedro run for class president.

Kip and Napoleon have different personalities and interests, but they are still brothers who care for each other.


Why is Napoleon Dynamite so popular?

Napoleon Dynamite is popular because it features quirky and relatable characters, nostalgic and absurd humor, and a simple yet engaging story.

The film resonated with audiences who appreciated its indie spirit, its portrayal of teenage struggles, and its memorable catchphrases.

Is Napoleon Dynamite autistic?

Napoleon Dynamite is not explicitly diagnosed with autism in the film, but some viewers and critics have speculated that he may have Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism spectrum disorder.

He exhibits several symptoms of Asperger’s, such as social awkwardness, difficulty with nonverbal communication, obsessive interests, and lack of empathy.

Is Napoleon Dynamite a funny movie?

Napoleon Dynamite is considered a funny movie by many people, but humor is subjective and depends on personal taste and preference.

The film’s comedy style is unconventional and often relies on deadpan delivery, creating a unique and distinctive tone that may not appeal to everyone.

What is the main plot of Napoleon Dynamite?

The main plot of Napoleon Dynamite follows the titular character, a socially inept 16-year-old from Preston, Idaho, who lives with his grandmother and his older brother, Kip.

Napoleon helps his new friend, Pedro, run for class president against the popular and snobby Summer Wheatley, while also dealing with his eccentric family, his budding romance with Deb, and his various bullies.



Kip Dynamite is a hilarious and memorable character in Napoleon Dynamite, who goes through a transformation from a nerdy and pathetic loser to a happy and confident lover.

He is the brother of Napoleon Dynamite, the son of Carlinda Dynamite, the nephew of Rico Dynamite, and the husband of LaFawnduh Lucas-Dynamite.

Kip is played by Aaron Ruell, who is also a director and photographer.

He is one of the reasons why Napoleon Dynamite is such a funny and cult classic film.

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