Neale Daniher sibling:AFL legends

Explore the legacy of the Daniher family as we delve into the life of Neale Daniher sibling to AFL legends Terry, Anthony, and Chris Daniher.
Explore the legacy of the Daniher family as we delve into the life of Neale Daniher sibling to AFL legends Terry, Anthony, and Chris Daniher.

Neale Daniher, the AFL legend, and face of motor neurone disease research, is a household name in Australia.

But behind the iconic mustache and unwavering spirit lies a vibrant family story.

Neale isn’t alone in the Daniher sporting legacy; he shares it with three brothers, each carving their path in the world of art, design, and yes, even football.

Let’s delve into the lives of Neale Daniher’s siblings, exploring their unique achievements and the unbreakable bond that ties the Daniher clan together.

Terry Daniher

Terry’s professional football career began with South Melbourne before he became a celebrated player for Essendon.

Terry Daniher’s story is not just one of personal success but also a family’s collective passion for Australian Rules Football.

His journey from the NRFL to the pinnacle of the AFL is a testament to his dedication, skill, and the unwavering support of his family, especially his siblings, who shared in his football dreams and triumphs.

Anthony Daniher

Anthony Daniher, born on January 21, 1963, in West Wyalong, New South Wales.

He is a former Australian rules footballer known for his significant contributions to the sport during his tenure with the South Melbourne/Sydney and Essendon Football Clubs in the Australian Football League (AFL).

Anthony started his VFL/AFL career with South Melbourne, which later became the Sydney Swans, playing 115 games and kicking 62 goals for the club.

His performance as a wingman and later as a full-back was pivotal to the team’s defense.

Chris Daniher

Chris Daniher, the sixth child of the Daniher family, was born on March 31, 1966, in West Wyalong, New South Wales.

Like his brothers, Chris developed a deep love for Australian Rules Football early in life, playing in the Northern Riverina Football League (NRFL) where he demonstrated his sporting prowess.

Chris, alongside his brothers  made history as the first quartet of siblings to play for the same team in a State of Origin match and in a home-and-away game.

This remarkable feat underscored the unique bond and collective talent of the Daniher siblings within the AFL.


Where can I find more information about Neale Daniher and his family?

More information about Neale Daniher and his family can be found on various online platforms, including articles and Wikipedia entries dedicated to their contributions to Australian Rules Football.

Can I get a signed copy of ‘The Danihers’?

Unfortunately, due to the progression of Neale’s Motor Neurone Disease (MND), he is unable to write, so signed copies are not available.



The Daniher lineage extends beyond the four brothers, with the next generation, including Neale’s nephews Darcy and Joe, continuing to make their mark in the AFL.

The Daniher story is not just about football; it’s about the indomitable spirit of a family that has become an integral part of Australia’s sporting fabric.

Neale Daniher’s life and career are a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the power of family, perseverance, and the love of a game that unites them all.

The Daniher siblings’ story is a compelling chapter in the annals of sports history, reminding us that behind every great athlete is a support system that shapes their success.

Neale Daniher and his brothers have indeed set a benchmark for future generations, both on and off the field.

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