Olivia Culpo’s Siblings: Exploring the Family

An lmage of olivia culpo siblings
Olivia culpo siblings
Olivia Culpo, the renowned fashion influencer and former Miss Universe, is the middle child of five siblings.
This article provides a detailed profile of her siblings, shedding light on their unique personalities and achievements.

Pete Culpo

an lmage of Pete Culpo

Pete Culpo, the eldest of the Culpo siblings, leads a less public lifestyle than his sisters.

Having grown up in a family of classical musicians, Pete pursued a passion for music and is currently a bassist in two different bands.

He is a member of a cover band called Future Dads and a ’90s alternative tribute band called Be Kind, Rewind. After a nine-year relationship, Pete married Katie Trainor in June 2019, and they welcomed a daughter together in November 2021.

Aurora Culpo

an lmage of Aurora Culpo

Aurora Culpo, the oldest of the Culpo sisters and the second eldest of the Culpo siblings, is known as the “family boss”.

Before pursuing a career in social media, she worked in the field of behavior analysis and special education.

Like her sisters, Aurora has made a name for herself as a beauty and fashion social media influencer.

Gus Culpo

an lmage of Gus Culpo

Details about Gus Culpo, Olivia’s younger brother, are not as publicly available as those of his siblings.

However, he is part of the close-knit Culpo family and appears alongside his siblings in their family’s TLC series, The Culpo Sisters.

Sophia CulpoAn lmage of Sophia Culpo


Sophia Culpo, the youngest of the Culpo siblings, shares the spotlight with her sisters Olivia and Aurora in their TLC series.

Like her sisters, Sophia is also making her mark in the world of fashion and beauty.


The Culpo siblings, each with their unique personalities and achievements, form a close-knit family.

From Pete’s musical pursuits to Aurora’s influential presence on social media, each sibling has carved out their path.

Despite their successes, the Culpos always put family first, a value that is beautifully showcased in their TLC series, The Culpo Sister.


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