Olly Murs Siblings: The Truth Behind His Family Feud

Olly Murs Siblings: The Truth Behind His Family Feud

Olly Murs is one of the most successful pop stars in the UK, with millions of fans and records sold.

He rose to fame after finishing as the runner-up on The X Factor in 2009.

Since then, he has released seven albums, four of which reached number one on the UK Albums Chart.

He has also been a coach on The Voice UK and a presenter on The X Factor and Starstruck.

But behind his cheerful and charming persona, there is a dark and painful story that has haunted him for years: his estrangement from his twin brother, Ben.

Olly Murs has two siblings: a sister, Fay, and a brother, Ben, who is also his twin.

But while he is close to his sister, he has not spoken to his brother in over a decade, after a bitter fallout that tore their family apart.

But who are the Olly Murs siblings, and what are their stories?

Olly Murs and his siblings.
An image of Olly Murs and his siblings. [PHOTO: Dailymail]

His Twin Brother’s Feud

The rift between Olly Murs and his twin brother surfaced in 2009.

Stemming from Olly’s decision to prioritize his performance in the live semi-finals of The X Factor over attending Ben’s wedding.

Ben perceived this as a betrayal, leading to accusations of Olly being self-absorbed.

The strain extended to their parents, whom Ben believed favored Olly’s career over their family bond, prompting him to sever all ties.

Despite Olly’s repeated attempts at reconciliation, reaching out to his brother has been futile.

Expressing deep remorse and longing for reconciliation, Olly acknowledges the toll the feud has taken on his mental well-being and relationships.

He remains hopeful for a resolution, lamenting the ongoing impact on his emotional state.

How is Olly Murs’s relationship with his sister?

Fay Murs, Olly Murs’s sister, stands out as a steadfast pillar of support amidst the backdrop of family discord.

Unlike her brother Ben, Fay has consistently championed Olly’s successes, standing by him at concerts and fiercely defending him against online detractors.

Her unwavering loyalty extends beyond mere attendance at his events; she serves as a reliable source of comfort and counsel during his most challenging moments.

The bond shared between Olly and Fay transcends mere familial ties; it is characterized by mutual admiration and shared laughter.

Their vibrant personalities shine through in their social media interactions, where they often showcase their playful camaraderie through photos and videos.

Furthermore, they honor each other’s milestones with heartfelt gestures and expressions of affection, reinforcing the enduring strength of their relationship.

The Murs Family’s Reaction

The rift between Olly and Ben Murs has cast a profound shadow over the entire Murs family, leaving parents Vicky-Lynn and Pete devastated by their son’s rejection.

Despite their efforts to reconcile, their attempts have been met with disappointment.

However, amidst the turmoil, the family remains united in their unwavering love and pride for both Olly and Ben.

They are also holding onto hope for a reunion and the restoration of their familial bond.

Fay Murs, Olly’s sister, has emerged as a staunch defender of her brother, refuting Ben’s accusations and praising Olly’s character and dedication.

Expressing deep longing for reconciliation, Fay underscores the family’s enduring love and support for both brothers.

Yearning for a day when forgiveness can bridge the divide and restore their family unity.

What is Olly Murs’s current status?

Olly Murs found love and companionship in Amelia Tank, a fitness enthusiast he connected with on Instagram in 2019.


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Their bond was solidified in a grand wedding ceremony in 2023, where they were joined by loved ones, including Fay.

Describing Amelia as his “soulmate” and “rock,” Olly cherishes their relationship deeply.

Meanwhile, on the professional front, Olly continues to captivate audiences with his music and television appearances.

His seventh album, “Marry Me,” released in 2022, reflects his profound love for Amelia.


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Additionally, he reprised his role as a coach on The Voice UK and continued his stint as a presenter on Starstruck.

Engaging in philanthropy, Olly remains committed to charitable causes like Comic Relief.

And Soccer Aid, showcasing his dedication to making a positive impact beyond the entertainment realm.


Olly Murs’ siblings aren’t just family; they’re his closest confidants, bandmates, and unwavering supporters.

Their bond is woven into his journey, which encompasses both the highs of fame and fortune and the lows of betrayal and heartache.

Yet, amidst the turmoil, they remain a beacon of hope for reconciliation, forgiveness, and healing.

Together, they form an integral part of Olly’s heart, which beats with love and longing for their shared bond.

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