Olympia Valance Siblings: What’s Her Bond with Sister Holly Like?

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Olympia Valance is a well-known Australian actress and model.

She is recognized for her roles in popular television shows like “Neighbours” and “Playing for Keeps.”

She was born on January 7, 1993, in Melbourne, Victoria.

Olympia comes from a diverse background with a Serbian father and a Greek Australian mother.

Valance has earned nominations for awards such as the Logie Award for Most Popular New Talent in her career.

Below we take a look into Olympia Valance’s family background, putting a special focus on her siblings.

Olympia shares an amazing connection with her older half-sister Holly Valance, who also found fame in the entertainment industry.

Let’s explore their careers and lives, and gain insight into their family paths to success.

Who is Holly Valance?

An image of Holly Valance and her husband Nick Candy.
An image of Holly Valance and her husband Nick Candy/PHOTO: Instagram

Holly Valance, born as Holly Rachel Vukadinović, is Olympia Valance’s half-sister.

They have a significant age difference of 10 years.

Holly gained fame as both a singer and an actress.

She rose to fame portraying Felicity Scully in the Australian soap opera “Neighbours” from 1999 to 2002.

Her musical career also saw remarkable success.

Hit singles like “Kiss Kiss” and “Down Boy” were some of her best.

These songs topped charts in multiple countries, including the UK and Australia.

Despite her flourishing music career, Holly transitioned back to acting.

Some of her notable appearances were in:

  • Prison Break (2005–2006)
  • DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)
  • Taken (2008)

Holly Valance currently resides outside Australia.

She lives a relatively private life with her husband, British billionaire property developer Nick Candy.

She got married to Nick in 2012.

The couple shares two daughters, Luka Violet Toni Candy, born in 2013, and Nova Skye Coco Candy, born in 2017.

Holly has withdrawn from the public eye in recent years.

She is keeping her social media accounts private and maintaining a low profile.

However, she does make occasional appearances at events.

Beyond Holly: Olympia’s Other Siblings

Olympia Valance is part of a sizable family beyond her renowned sister, Holly Valance.

Olympia has seven half-siblings, sharing either Rajko Vukadinović or Tania Gogos, as their parent.

Only Holly Valance, Olympia’s elder half-sister, gained international fame as both a singer and actress.

The other siblings are:

  • Coco Vukadinovic– Olympia’s sister born on Dec 15 1986.
  • Billee Valance– Olympia’s sister born in 2003.
  • Athina Wilson– Olympia’s sister.
  • Dimitri Wilson- Ahina and Olympia’s younger brother.
  • Rad Valance– Olympia’s little brother.

They have led relatively private lives

Holly and Olympia share Rajko Vukadinović as their father.

The other siblings may not have pursued careers as publicly visible as Holly and Olympia’s, but they nonetheless form an integral part of the family’s dynamic.

Olympia and Holly’s Sisterly Bond

Holly and Olympia Valance are super close and support each other.

Even though Olympia is younger, they’re tight-knit.

They help each other out in their careers and stuff.

Olympia once said thanked Holly for getting her started in modelling.

They spend a lot of time together and share a lot.

They’re like best friends that always have each other’s backs.

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