Oregon Couple Accused Of Kidnapping And Torturing New York Siblings

Oregon Couple Accused Of Kidnapping And Torturing New York Siblings.!!!

Police arrested Eastwood Mohammed Mannan, who is 35 years old, and Cassie Jo Gudino, who is 27 years old.

They are accused of kidnapping someone and forcing them to work against their will.

An image illustration of Eastwood Mohammed Mannan; Cassie Jo Gudino.
Eastwood Mohammed Mannan; Cassie Jo Gudino.

On Monday, police arrested a man and a woman for taking two siblings and making them work for them without pay.

The man, Eastwood Mohammed Mannan, 35, and the woman, Cassie Jo Gudino, 27, are charged with two cases of kidnapping and two cases of making someone work without their agreement.

Mannan also has two charges of hurting someone on purpose.

The police in Grants Pass say that Mannan and Gudino tricked his two cousins from New York by offering them jobs.

For many months, the police report says, the suspects made the victims work by scaring them and hurting them.

The victims had to give all the money they made from their online jobs to the suspects.

A legal paper that the Oregonian got says that Mannan made his 19-year-old cousin clean the house and do online work, and then take all her money.

The paper also says that the couple made her shower with cold water and burned her with a torch if she didn’t listen to them.

Harrowing Escape: Oregon Police Arrest Suspects in Alleged Laptop Locking and Abuse Case

Someone reportedly installed locks on the 22-year-old man’s laptop to stop him from talking to his family.

Then, he managed to get out of the house on Sunday and he called 911.

Next, the police arrested Mannan and Gudino at the house.

After that, doctors treated the two victims at the hospital. Soon, they will go back to their family in New York.

Finally, the Grants Pass Police Department is asking people who know anything about this situation to call them at 541-450-6260.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About The Oregon Couple

Q: What are the specific allegations against the Oregon couple accused of kidnapping and torturing New York siblings?

A: The Oregon couple is facing accusations of kidnapping and subjecting siblings from New York to torture.

Details surrounding the alleged incidents, including the nature of the torture and the circumstances of the kidnapping, are part of an ongoing investigation.


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