Oscar Isaac Siblings: Let’s Know When The Talented Star Made His First Debut In Film

Oscar Isaac Siblings: Meet the Talented Family of the Star Wars Actor.!!!

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Explore Oscar Isaac’s siblings and family dynamics.
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Oscar Isaac is one of the most versatile and charismatic actors in Hollywood today.

He has starred in a variety of films, from indie dramas to blockbuster franchises, and has earned critical acclaim and fan admiration for his performances.

But did you know that he has siblings who are also successful and talented in their own fields?

In this blog post, I will introduce you to Oscar Isaac’s siblings, Nicole Hernandez Hammer and Mike Hernandez, and share some facts about their lives and careers.

Oscar Isaac was born as Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada on March 9, 1979, in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

His mother, María Eugenia Estrada Nicolle, is Guatemalan, and his father, Óscar Gonzalo Hernández-Cano, is Cuban.

He has an older sister, Nicole, and a younger brother, Mike.

His family moved to the US when he was five months old, and he grew up in various places, including Baltimore, New Orleans, and Miami.

He developed an interest in music and acting at a young age, and joined a punk band as a teenager.

Notably, he attended Miami Dade College and later graduated from the Juilliard School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

He made his film debut in 1998, and has since appeared in many notable films, such as Inside Llewyn Davis, Ex Machina, A Most Violent Year, and the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Additionally, Oscar has also worked on television and stage, winning:

A Golden Globe Award for his role in the miniseries Show Me a Hero, and playing the title roles in Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window.

He is married to filmmaker Elvira Lind, and they have two sons.

Siblings’ Names and Background

Oscar Isaac’s siblings are Nicole Hernandez Hammer and Mike Hernandez. Nicole is his older sister, and Mike is his younger brother.

They were both born in Guatemala, and moved to the US with their family when they were young.

They have both pursued careers that reflect their passions and talents, and have also supported their brother’s acting endeavors.

Nicole Hernandez Hammer

Nicole Hernandez Hammer is a climate scientist and environmental justice advocate. She was born on February 12, 1977, in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

She studied biology and ecology at Florida Atlantic University and became the assistant director of the Florida Center for Environmental Studies.

Later, she joined the Union of Concerned Scientists as a climate science and community advocate, focusing on the impacts of climate change on low-income communities of color.

She has also worked with the Sierra Club, the Climate Reality Project, and the Moms Clean Air Force.

Various organizations and media outlets have recognized her work.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama invited her as a special guest to the 2015 State of the Union Address.

She also spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention about the urgency of addressing climate change.

She is married to James Hammer, and they have a son named Sebastian.

Mike Hernandez

Mike Hernandez is a journalist and actor born on October 10, 1981, in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

He studied journalism at Florida International University and worked as a reporter for the Miami New Times, where he wrote about his childhood with Oscar Isaac in Miami.

He has acted in several films and television shows, including Operation Finale, alongside his brother.

Currently, he works as a producer for the Netflix series Narcos: Mexico.

He is married to Jessica Hernandez, and they have a daughter named Sofia.

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac and his siblings had a multicultural and nomadic upbringing as they moved around the US with their parents.

They were exposed to different cultures and languages, learning to adapt to new environments.

They developed a close bond and shared interests and hobbies.

Oscar Isaac credits his sister Nicole as his first inspiration for acting, as she used to put on plays for him and his brother.

He describes his brother Mike as his best friend and partner in crime, playing music and video games together.

He admires his siblings’ achievements and appreciates their support for his artistic aspirations.

Philanthropic Ventures And Social Causes

Oscar Isaac and his siblings actively support various philanthropic ventures and social causes.

They contribute to and engage with charities and organizations aiming to assist people and communities in need, particularly those impacted by natural disasters, poverty, violence, and discrimination.

Some of the causes and organizations they endorse include:

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  • The American Red Cross: Providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief.
  • The Hispanic Federation: Empowering and advocating for the Hispanic community in the US.
  • The International Rescue Committee: Assisting refugees and displaced individuals globally.
  • The Motion Picture and Television Fund: Offering aid and services to workers in the entertainment industry.
  • The ACLU: Defending and safeguarding civil rights and liberties.
  • The Time’s Up movement: Combatting sexual harassment and inequality in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Oscar Isaac and his siblings

Q: What are Oscar Isaac and his siblings’ net worths?

A: Oscar Isaac has an estimated net worth of $12 million, Nicole Hernandez Hammer has an estimated net worth of $1 million, and Mike Hernandez has an estimated net worth of $500,000.


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