Who is Patrick Mahomes Little Sister? All about Mia and Zoe Mahomes

Wondering who Patrick Mahomes Little Sister is? Worry no more we’ve got you covered in this extensive article.

Many analysts regard Patrick Mahomes as the premier player in the NFL.

With two Super Bowl championships and two MVP trophies to his name, Mahomes is widely recognized as one of the league’s most accomplished athletes.

Beyond his on-field success, Mahomes boasts numerous high-profile endorsements, solidifying his status as one of the most prominent figures in professional sports.

The Mahomes family is accustomed to the limelight.

Patrick serves as the spokesperson for State Farm Insurance, a role that ensures his presence in numerous commercials aired every Sunday.

Brittany Mahomes, Patrick’s wife, maintains a significant social media following, establishing her own recognizable identity.

However, Jackson Mahomes, Patrick’s brother, has gained attention primarily for his TikTok dancing and has faced scrutiny for questionable behavior, resulting in charges including three felonies of aggravated sexual battery and one misdemeanor count of battery.

Despite the Mahomes family’s public visibility, it may surprise you to learn that Patrick has a sister.

An image of Patrick Mahomes and her Little Sister
Who is Patrick Mahomes Little Sister? Get to know Zoe and Mia Mahomes.

Who Is Mia Randall?

Mia Randall is Patrick Mahomes’ half-sister, whom his mom Randi welcomed through a different relationship in July 2011.

Patrick also has another half-sister, Zoe Mahomes, from his dad Pat’s side, and a full brother, Jackson Mahomes, who is a social media influencer.

Mia was born in Texas, where Patrick grew up and played college football at Texas Tech.

She lives with her mom Randi and attends Whitehouse Junior High School.

Furthermore, she is a seventh-grader and a straight-A student who loves math and science.

Mia is a gifted athlete who plays multiple sports.

She is a point guard on her basketball team, a midfielder on her soccer team, and a pitcher on her softball team.

She has a competitive spirit and a natural talent that reminds many of her brother.

Mia is also a huge fan of Patrick and the Chiefs.

She often attends his games and cheers him on from the stands.

Also, Mia wears his jersey and posts pictures and videos of him on her Instagram account, which has over 100,000 followers.

She even got to celebrate with him on the field when he won his first Super Bowl in 2020.

Patrick Mahomes other siblings

When considering “Patrick Mahome’s siblings,” the immediate association is often with his younger brother, Jackson.

An image of Patrick Mahomes half sister Mia with Taylor Swift
Patrick Mahomes half sister Mia with Taylor Swift.
Image: Instagram

Jackson, a polarizing social media figure among football fans, garners significant attention for his content, yet faces controversy for inappropriate behavior towards a woman this year.

However, lesser-known are Patrick’s two half-sisters: Zoe and Mia Randall.

The youngest of Patrick’s siblings is Zoe Mahomes.

Having been born in 2015, she is notably younger than her older brother.

Zoe is the daughter of Patrick Mahomes Sr. and his half-sister.

Zoe and Mia are Randi’s daughters with her current partner after Patrick Sr. Mia, proficient in soccer, basketball, and tennis, shares a photo with Taylor Swift at Arrowhead’s suite, as seen on Randi’s Instagram account.

How does Patrick Mahomes support his little sister?

Patrick Mahomes shares a special bond with his little sister, Mia Randall.

Despite the 16-year age gap between them, they are very close and supportive of each other.

Patrick’s mom Randi told PEOPLE that he and his wife Brittany are always “keeping tabs on what Mia’s doing” and stay in touch with her regularly.

She said that they have a “fun relationship” and that Brittany is like a sister to Mia, not just a sister-in-law.

Patrick also shows his love and support for Mia by sending her gifts, calling her before her games, and giving her advice and encouragement.

He also praises her on social media and shares her achievements with his fans.

For example, in January 2021, Patrick posted a video of Mia scoring a basket on his Instagram story and wrote, “She’s a bucket.” He also reposted a video of her hitting a home run on his softball team and wrote, “She’s a baller.”

Mia also supports Patrick by wearing his merchandise, cheering him on, and defending him from haters.

She once clapped back at a Twitter user who criticized Patrick’s performance and wrote, “Don’t talk about my brother.”


Patrick Mahomes is one of the most famous and successful athletes in the world, but he is not the only star in his family.

He has a younger half-sister, Mia Randall, who is also a talented and passionate athlete who plays multiple sports.

She also has a close and supportive relationship with her brother and his wife, who often check in on her and cheer her on.

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