Paul Gosar’s Siblings Call on Him to Resign in Blistering Op-Ed: ‘You Are Immune to Shame’

Paul Gosar’s Siblings Call on Him to Resign in Blistering Op-Ed.!!!

The siblings of the Arizona Republican have consistently criticized their brother for his support of Donald Trump’s election fraud theories and his dismissal of the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus, among various other issues.

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Republican congressman Paul Gosar’s siblings have once again publicly criticized him, this time through a strongly worded op-ed urging him to step down from his position.

Published on Sunday by NBC News, Dave Gosar, Jennifer Gosar, and Tim Gosar express their long-standing concerns about their brother’s behavior, which they claim has been evident for years, despite only recently gaining widespread attention.

Their grievances include:

  • His past assertions minimizing the severity of COVID-19 and
  • His propagation of conspiracy theories related to the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The siblings accuse Rep. Gosar, aged 62, of causing irreparable harm to their family relationships and betraying his country.

Particularly citing his alleged involvement in instigating the Capitol riots on January 6th.

They suggest that Gosar’s actions have demonstrated a lack of shame.

Asserting that he has not only damaged familial ties but also betrayed the nation by supporting efforts to undermine the democratic process.

Gosar has previously endorsed former President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud and defended individuals who participated in the Capitol breach.

Referring to them as “peaceful patriots” during a House hearing on the matter.

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The op-ed continues:

You might not be fully aware of how you ended up in this troubling situation, Paul.

Regrettably, we have some insights.

It’s possible that your struggles stem from being ill-suited for the demands of Congress, lacking the necessary intellect, character, or maturity for such a leadership position.

Perhaps your persistent need for external validation led you to compromise your morals and integrity to appease Trump and his supporters, all to secure your political position.

The siblings suggest their brother should step down from his role, although they acknowledge the unlikelihood of this happening.

“Your extreme beliefs are finally receiving the media scrutiny they merit.

The appropriate course of action now would be your resignation,” the Gosar siblings assert. “Unfortunately, this outcome appears improbable.

Unless your colleagues intervene, you risk being remembered as a cautionary tale: someone who betrayed family, country, and ultimately, themselves.”

Paul Gosar’s Siblings Other attacks on Him

Gosar’s siblings have a longstanding history of publicly criticizing their brother, who has held a position in the House of Representatives since 2011 and secured re-election in November with nearly 70 percent of the vote, according to The New York Times.

In a 2018 campaign advertisement supporting his opponent at the time, six of Paul’s siblings strongly criticized his performance as a politician, asserting that he was “absolutely not representing his district.”

One of his sisters, Grace Gosar, expressed in another advertisement released around the same period that:

“It would be challenging to view my brother as anything other than a racist.”

(In February, the Arizona lawmaker spoke at an event where organizers advocated white supremacist ideologies.)

Additionally, in April, Gosar’s siblings appeared in an advertisement aired on Fox News.a

Alleging that the Arizona Representative played a role in inciting the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

In the advertisement, Jennifer Gosar asserts, ‘There is no member of Congress more accountable for the Capitol attack than Congressman Paul Gosar.’

The ad features scenes from the pro-Donald Trump riot in Washington, D.C., alongside the lawmaker’s siblings.

Gosar did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment on the new op-ed.

However, in 2018, he stated, ‘Those siblings who decided to appear in ads against me are all liberal Democrats who strongly oppose President Trump.

These dissatisfied supporters of Hillary Clinton are my relatives by blood, but like many left-leaning individuals, they prioritize political ideology over family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Paul Gosar’s Siblings

Here are some more Frequently Asked Questions About Paul Gosar apart from “Paul Gosar’s Siblings Call on Him to Resign in Blistering Op-Ed.

Q: Who are Paul Gosar’s siblings?

A: Paul Gosar, a Republican congressman from Arizona, has several siblings, including Dave Gosar, Jennifer Gosar, Tim Gosar, and Grace Gosar, among others.

His siblings have gained attention for publicly criticizing him, particularly in relation to his political beliefs and actions.


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