Pete Davidson Sister: The Untold Story of Casey Davidson

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Discover the family background of Pete Davidson, the comedian and actor who stars on “Saturday Night Live” and dates celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Learn about his sister, Casey Davidson, who is a physician assistant and a former basketball player, and how she supports his career and personal life/PHOTO COURTESY: Instagram

You may know Pete Davidson as the hilarious comedian and actor who stars on Saturday Night Live and dates Kim Kardashian.

But do you know who his sister is?

Casey Davidson is Pete’s younger sister, who works as a physician assistant and supports her brother’s career.

She is also part of a close-knit family that has faced tragedy and triumph together.

In this article, you will learn more about Casey Davidson and her relationship with Pete.

You will also discover some interesting facts about their family background and their personal lives.

Here are the topics we will cover:

  1. Who is Pete Davidson’s real sister?
  2. What does Casey Davidson do?
  3. Does Pete have any siblings?
  4. Who is Pete Davidson’s family?

Who is Pete Davidson’s real sister?

Casey Davidson is Pete Davidson’s real sister, who was born in 1997 in Staten Island, New York.

She is two years younger than Pete, who was born in 1994.

Casey and Pete grew up together in a tight-knit family, along with their parents, Amy and Scott Davidson.

She share a strong bond, and they often support each other on social media and in person.

Casey frequently posts photos and videos of Pete on her Instagram account, which has over 11,000 followers.

She also attends his shows and events and cheers him on from the audience.

She became a viral sensation during the 2023 Home Run Derby when the cameras captured her reactions to Pete’s performance.

Casey and Pete also share a tattoo of their father’s badge number, 8418, which they got in honor of his memory.

Their father, Scott, was a firefighter who died in the 9/11 attacks when Pete was seven and Casey was five.

Pete has also tattooed his father’s portrait and his name on his arm.

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What does Casey Davidson do?

Casey Davidson is a physician assistant, who works at Lenox Hill Neurosurgery in New York City.

She graduated from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, in 2019, where she studied biology and played basketball.

Casey was a member of the women’s basketball team and played as a guard.

She also played soccer and basketball in high school and was a cheerleader.

Casey is passionate about her career and enjoys helping patients with neurological conditions.

She also likes to travel, hike, and spend time with her friends and family.

She is currently in a relationship with a man named Dave Sirus, who is a comedian and writer.

He has worked with Pete on SNL and The King of Staten Island.

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Does Pete have any siblings?

Pete Davidson does not have any other siblings, besides Casey.

However, he has a brother-in-law, Colton Cowser, who is married to Casey’s best friend, Maddie.

Colton is also a baseball player, who was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the first round of the 2021 MLB draft.

He is currently playing for the Single-A Delmarva Shorebirds.

Where he is hitting .301 with 11 home runs and 58 RBIs.

He is ranked as the No. 3 prospect in the Orioles system.

Pete and Colton are friends and teammates, and they often hang out together.

Pete attended Colton and Maddie’s wedding in January 2023, and congratulated them on social media.

Colton and Maddie are expecting their first child in 2024.

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Who is Pete Davidson’s family?

Pete Davidson comes from a family of sports and entertainment.

His mother, Amy, is a former teacher, who now works as Pete’s manager and co-producer.

She also lives with Pete in a house that he bought for her in Staten Island.

Amy is very supportive and proud of her son and often attends his shows and events.

She also appeared in The King of Staten Island, playing Pete’s aunt.

Pete’s father, Scott, was a firefighter, who died in the 9/11 attacks.

He was also a baseball fan, who loved the New York Mets.

He inspired Pete to pursue comedy and baseball and taught him how to be resilient and brave.

Pete has honored his father in many ways, such as:

  1. Wearing his necklace
  2. Tattooing his badge number
  3. Donating to charities that support firefighters and 9/11 victims

Pete’s grandfather, Ad Rutschman, was a legendary coach.

Who won three national championships in football and baseball at Linfield College.

He was also inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame and the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame.

He passed away in 2019, at the age of 87.

Pete credits his grandfather for teaching him the fundamentals of baseball and comedy, and for being his role model.

He also wears his grandfather’s number, 35, as a tribute to him.


In conclusion, Pete Davidson is not only a talented and famous comedian and actor but also a loving and loyal brother and son.

He has a sister, Casey, who is his best friend and supporter.

He has a brother-in-law, Colton, who is his teammate and buddy.

Pete Davidson has a mother, Amy, who is his manager and co-producer.

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