Shame and Disgraceful: How Phillip Schofield’s brother Timothy Schofield Ended up in Jail

Phillip Schofield’s brother, Timothy Schofield, has been sentenced to 12 years in jail for sexually abusing a boy.

Timothy Schofield was found guilty in April of 11 sexual offenses involving a child between 2016 and 2019.

After the verdict, the 54-year-old was fired as a civilian worker for Avon and Somerset Police.

The TV presenter, Phillip Schofield, said he no longer considers Timothy his brother.

During Timothy Schofield’s sentencing at Bristol Crown Court, the victim, in a statement, described feeling “trapped in a loop of fear and anxiety.”

Mrs. Justice Cutts, the sentencing judge, said Schofield exploited the victim’s innocence for his pleasure and criticized his lack of remorse.

Schofield was convicted on multiple charges, including causing a child to watch sexual activity and engaging in sexual activity with a child.

An image of Phillip Scofield and Timothy Scofield
Phillip Scofield and Timothy Scofield. Photo source: Instagram.

Phillip Schofield’s brother, Trial

During Timothy Schofield’s sentencing at Bristol Crown Court, the victim, in a statement, described feeling “trapped in a loop of fear and anxiety.”

The prosecutor asserted that had the boy has been lying out of hate and spite, he could have exaggerated the accusations.

The challenge for Mr. Schofield is the restrained nature of the boy’s allegations.

The prosecutor questioned whether hate and spite motivated this person; he is honestly describing what happened.

“We argue that the evidence indicates hate and lies do not motivate the boy. This was a teenager who was criminally abused at ages 13, 14, and 15, and it only stopped when he felt strong enough to confront it,” he added.

Timothy Schofield, an IT technician for Avon and Somerset Police from Bath, denies three counts of causing a child to watch sexual activity.

He also denies three counts of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child, three counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity, and two counts of sexual activity with a child.

In a court of public morals, Timothy Schofield might be seen as guilty of the “gravest of crimes,” said Peter Binder, the defense attorney.

“We are not dealing with morals but criminal abuse against a child,” he clarified.

“This case comes down to one person’s word against the other—the boy’s word against the defendant’s.”

Phillip Schofield has been absent from ITV’s This Morning this week, with the studio citing “pre-planned leave.”

Why did the victim, who reported the incident to a school counselor, live in fear?

Schofield emotionally blackmailed the victim, who reported the abuse to a school counselor.

The victim’s life was deeply affected; she felt panic, stress, and fear before Schofield’s arrest.

After the arrest, the victim finally felt safe but expressed feeling numb to life emotionally.

Schofield, from Bath, Somerset, claimed during the trial that he had watched pornography with the boy but insisted the boy was over 16.

He denied performing sexual acts on the teen, asserting that they only engaged in acts while sitting apart.

In September 2021, Timothy Schofield disclosed the incidents to his famous brother, Philip Schofield, who emphasized that such actions must never happen again.

During the trial, Philip Schofield’s statement revealed he had told Timothy, “Regardless of how that happened, it must never happen again.”

The presenter expressed his shock and emphasized the importance of ending such behavior.

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